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  1. Crown Victoria: The Long LONG Goodbye

    Ford Car Discussion
    I know you've read it all before, but perhaps not from this perspective. I grew up around cars...primarily police cars. So the Crown Vic was like part of the family. It's sad to see it go, even though it's well past its prime. Check out the full "obituary" at the link below and add your comments...
  2. Touch-sensitive technology allows lincoln customers to say goodbye to buttons

    Ford Corporate News
    Push-button operation of controls in the center stack will be a thing of the past for customers of the 2011 Lincoln MKX. The popular midsize luxury crossover adds new touch-sensitive technology, which allows users to turn on and operate media and climate control functions with the touch of a...
  3. Kiss the American Auto Industry Good-Bye

    Ford Motor Company Discussion Now that DaimlerChrysler has put the Chrysler Group up for sale, the long-expected massive restructuring of the American automobile industry might finally have arrived. Take a snapshot for posterity, because today's U.S. automotive landscape...