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  1. Competition News
    To learn about the rest of the powerplants that made this list, 10 Great Performance Engines We Will Miss please visit
  2. Ford Truck Discussion
    Results Ute Claimed Actual Variance Navara 7.0L/100km 8.8L/100km 26 per cent over Triton 7.6L/100km 8.2L/100km 8 per cent over D-Max 8.1L/100km 10.9L/100km 35 per cent over Amarok 8.3L/100km 8.2L/100km 1 per cent under HiLux 8.5L/100km 11.7L/100km 38 per cent over Ranger 9.0L/100km...
  3. Competition News
    For the rest of this story, 10 Great Vehicles That Cost Less Than a Ford Focus RS please visit
  4. Mustang Discussion
    Thousands of Ford Mustangs Expected to Caravan Across the Country for Great American Pony Drive •To honor Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary, thousands of fans summoned to Norman, Okla., for the start of this historic drive •Two caravans will depart from Norman to converge on Las Vegas Motor...
  5. Lincoln Discussion this first picture is the best photo of the mks I´ve ever seen :angel
  6. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Great Wall Kulla EV concept electrifies the Shanghai Auto Show BY TYCHO DE FEYTER APRIL 21, 2013 Car News China The new Great Wall Kulla EV concept has debuted on the Shanghai Auto Show. The new Kulla EV is the successor of the old Kulla EV concept that debuted on the 2008 Beijing Auto Show...
  7. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Haval H8 hits the Shanghai Auto Show BY TYCHO DE FEYTER APRIL 22, 2013 Car News China The Haval H8 has been launched on the Shanghai Auto Show. The new large SUV will hit the Chinese car market late this year, priced from 230.000 to 300.000 yuan, much more than expected, making the Haval H8 the...
  8. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Haval H7 debuts at the Shanghai Auto Show BY W.E. NING APRIL 20, 2013 Car News China The new Haval H7 debuted just minutes ago at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. Biggest surprise: when we saw the first pictures of the H7 we assumed it was a concept. Wrong. Great Wall said it will be launched...
  9. Automotive Industry News
    interesting article imho, that I stuck in this section as a counterpoint to the Most Anticipated thread... ...not sure how accurate their "instead of" cars are, but neat idea 10 Great Cars Nobody is Buying - LeftlaneNews By Andrew Ganz Friday, Sep 21st, 2012 ...A while ago, we made a list of...
  10. Ford Truck Discussion
    I was looking at old Ford commercial and saw this one . I never owned a truck in the 80's but it stated it got 33 on the highway? Was this true?
  11. Ford Car Discussion
    Finally Going on the Great Escape! After some urging from her mom and I my gf is finally ditching her 03' Camry for an Escape! I've been looking through some local ads to try and find her the best deal in the sub 18K category. She has had an affinity for the Escape every since she saw it a...
  12. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    The Great American Cop Car Shootout Jalopnik September 21, 2010 The death of Ford's Crown Victoria leaves a gaping void in law enforcement garages. This weekend, new high-tech models from Chevy, Dodge and Ford were tested for the first time by the Michigan State Police. Only Jalopnik has the...
  13. European Competition I saw Clarkson's test of this Vantage on a torrent (Top Gear Season 13 ep. 7) while his dialoge was rather sad, the car was incredible, I am so glad to hear this.
  14. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I wanted to start a thread on new ideas on what the automakers have yet to put in automobiles. This is the place.
  15. Ford Corporate News
    What do you think guys? continue at the link
  16. General Motors Discussion
    GM's Malibu smashes first-month sales target DETROIT, Nov 21 (Reuters) - The new Chevrolet Malibu has topped General Motors Corp's sales expectations in its debut month on the market by a wide margin, a senior GM executive told Reuters. Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman and product development chief...
  17. Vintage Ford Discussion
    Great Fords of the past: DeTomaso Pantera for Lincoln-Mercury In the late 60s, after the very successful Total Performance Campaign and with Ford fresh from humiliating Ferrari in LeMans, Lee Iacocca, the big man at Ford though it was time for Ford to increase its presence in the high...
  18. Ford Car Discussion
    With prices under $25,000 (some way under) these cars make excellent choices for those shopping for their first new set of wheels. For the rest of the article:
  19. Ford Corporate News Ford Motor Co., which had a record loss in 2006, "is in great shape," the head of the United Auto Workers said Wednesday after a labor economist suggested that the automaker may ask the union to accept reduced pay and benefits. "They...
1-20 of 20 Results