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  1. VW group at Geneve 2015

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    [SIZE=5]Audi Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI quattro bows in Geneva
  2. Toyota Dealer Group in China Warns 10% May Quit as Losses Mount

    Competition News
    Toyota Dealer Group in China Warns up to 10% May Quit as Losses Mount Autonews December 30, 2014 - 12:19 am ET BEIJING (Bloomberg) -- As many as 10 percent of dealers for one of Toyota Motor Corp.'s China ventures are poised to drop out of the network because they can't make money on the cars...
  3. Volkswagen Details Hybrid, Electric Model Rollout

    Competition News
    Volkswagen Group Details Hybrid, Electric Model Rollout Automobile Magazine Volkswagen recently announced its intention to become the electric vehicle leader by 2018, and now it is backing this claim up with a plan for seven new hybrid models that will be coming out starting in 2014. A report...
  4. '15 stang caught on video! updates/merged

    Mustang Discussion
    Full prototype caught on the street with engine roaring like a v8 (i think)! We need MORE! i wanna see some actual body/design. Video from
  5. Safety group: Ford should be fined for not reporting Escape throttle problem sooner

    Ford Corporate News
    By Nat Shirley Friday, Jul 27th, 2012 LLN The Center for Automotive Safety is calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to fine Ford for alleged wrongdoing in relation to yesterday’s Escape unintended acceleration recall. The non-profit consumer safety group claims that Ford...
  6. Saab Lives: Investment Group Buys Swedish Automaker to Build Electric Cars

    Competition News
    Colum Wood Jun 13, 8:17 AM AutoGuide The future of Saab will have less to do with airplanes and more to do with household appliances, with the news today that a Chinese-Japanese investment group has purchased the bankrupt Swedish automaker. The investment group, comprised of Sun Investment of...
  7. Fiat Group Lowers 2012 Sales Estimate by Half a Million Units

    Competition News
    Fiat Group Lowers 2012 Sales Estimate by Half a Million Units DECEMBER 16, 2011 Carscoop A funny t-shirt slogan reads “aim low, achieve your targets, avoid disappointment”. But it would probably be best if you didn’t give it as a Christmas present to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. The reason is...
  8. Group Purchase: Item of the month
    Here we go!!! How many people would be interested in purchasing a set of Caliper Covers for their vehicle? If I can get 10-15 people who would interested in this item over the next few days I can offer an additional savings off of the Caliper Covers. Please send me a personal message if you...
  9. Chrysler Group LLC Achieved Net Income of $116 Million in First Quarter 2011

    Competition News
    Chrysler Group LLC Achieved Net Income of $116 Million in First Quarter 2011; First Quarterly Net Income Since Company Began Operations in June 2009 Chrysler Media Net Income totaled $116 million in Q1 2011 compared to a net loss of $197 million in Q1 2010 Modified Operating Profit totaled...
  10. Chrysler Group to Offer More Products Than Ford, Toyota

    Ford Corporate News
    A report from Autonews says Chrysler will be carpet-bombing car lots with up to 25 new models for its four sub-brands by 2013, up from 17. If new versions of the Dakota/Nitro/Viper don't appear, that number will be cut to 22. This still means that the littlest of the Detroit Three will be taking...
  11. GM group helps Africa

    General Motors Discussion
    Detroit automotive know-how and ingenuity are helping feed people half a world away, growing from a General Motors executive's desire to teach his children the importance of charity. More...
  12. Kas and Coffee at Ford's Premier Automotive Group

    Ford Car Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: Look what we spotted at the weekly Cars & Coffee gathering today in Irvine. Right there amidst the Cobras, Ferraris, Ariel Atoms and Toyota 2000GTs sat a perfectly ordinary...
  13. Breaking News: Saturn To Go To Penske Automotive Group

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP NAMED AS NEXT OWNER OF SATURN GM FINALLY FINDS A HOME FOR ITS UNDERAPPRECIATED CAR BRAND General Motors has finally announced which of the several bidders for it's "Peoples Car" brand Saturn, has been chosen to take over the troubled brand. Bidders included the Black...
  14. Ford holds Taurus SHO focus group in Chicago... what does it mean???

    Ford Car Discussion
    It looks like the SHO will come out of its hiautus continue at the link
  15. ( group give a cautious thumbs up to Ford's redesigned 2008

    Ford Car Discussion
    DETROIT NEWS: Focus group give a cautious thumbs up to Ford's redesigned 2008 Focus group: Fans, customizers give a cautious thumbs up to Ford's redesigned 2008 [Focus] WAYNE -- It was a tough crowd walking around the Wayne Assembly Plant Thursday morning, watching their beloved Ford Focus...
  16. Key Ford dealer Group 1 struggles to cut inventory

    Ford Corporate News DETROIT, Feb 21 (Reuters) - A major Ford Motor Co. (F.N: Quote, Profile , Research) retailer is struggling to lower its inventory of the No. 2...