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  1. New guy. Surprised I didn't find this forum long ago.

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    I missed out on all the demise of the Ranger talk! Name is Dale. From the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Owned a few Fords in my past. 2 Rangers, a '67 Mustang. Come to think of it, I came home from the hospital in 1960 Fairlane 500. I discovered this forum existed while reading a thread on...
  2. New guy here:). Picking up a 08 Foose on 3/30/09

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hi to all, I had 2 Lightnings in the past and countless F-150 and 350 King Ranches, and now I decided it' s time to try a 08 Foose Edition F-150, How have these trucks been from what you have all herd? The reason I' am getting it is because I' am getting it for a price I can't say no to...
  3. Who is a Crown Victoria Guy?- A Life Lesson

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  4. God Bless the Guy Who Created This Video

    Vintage Ford Discussion
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  5. Why a Car Guy CEO Isn't the Answer for Ford

    Ford Corporate News
    Why a Car Guy CEO Isn't the Answer for Ford Car guys know exactly what’s wrong with Ford: car guys like them aren’t running the show. Otherwise, every product coming out of Dearborn would look "great" (no need to be more specific) and dust the competition. Hence Bill Ford’s decision to hire Alan...