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  1. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford 'working very hard' on F-150 hybrid. Autoblog By: Sebastian Blanco December 4, 2014 The lighter, aluminum-bodied 2015 Ford F-150 gets (at best) 26 miles per gallon. That's not bad for a truck that size – and we should always remember that improving gas guzzlers can make a big difference...
  2. Ford Corporate News
    By John Rosevear April 25, 2014 Motley Fool
  3. Automotive Industry News
    Ford, GM and Fiat hit hard as European auto sales fall 10% in Feb. Automotive News March 19, 2013 by Paul McVeigh Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Fiat were the automakers worst hit as European passenger car registrations fell 10 percent to 829,359 in February. The region's deepening...
  4. Competition News
    Colum Wood Jul 03, 8:36 AM AutoGuide With the MP4-12C coupe already established as a success by McLaren, the British sports car maker has just released the new 12C Spider model for those who prefer a their performance with more vitamin D. Adding considerably practicality to the drop top is a...
  5. Ford Corporate News
    Another storm is coming, I'm afraid," said Sheldon Stone, talking about the hundreds of automotive parts suppliers that are still teetering on the edge of survival. Head of the restructuring practice of Birmingham-based turnaround advisory firm Amherst Partners, Stone said the good news is that...
  6. Ford Corporate News
    Still behind, trying hard: A look into Ford's engine efficiency future with product development VP Derrick Kuzak During the Ford 2008 model year preview at their Dearborn Development Center Friday, Group VP for Product Development Derrick Kuzak spoke about the changes that are being made to...
1-7 of 10 Results