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  1. Ford Prepares Five New Focus ST Sport Hatches for SEMA Show

    Ford Brand News - Global
    We were anticipating that Ford would bring several tuned examples of its new Focus ST hot hatch to the upcoming SEMA Show and now, the Blue Oval has released teasers and initial information on its offerings. Joining the four 2013 Fusion concepts at the automaker's Las Vegas booth will be a...
  2. Frankfurt 2011 Preview: 2012 BMW 1-Series hatches

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2012 BMW 1-Series Image, Details Leaked By Nelson Ireson June 3rd, 2011 Motor Authority The current BMW 1-Series is, despite its late arrival in the U.S., growing long in the tooth, 1-Series M Coupe notwithstanding. Accordingly, a new model is in the works, due as a 2012 model. Best of all, the...
  3. Mazda Hatches Freshened Spiano Lineup

    Mazda Discussion
    MAZDA HATCHES FRESHENED SPIANO LINEUP HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that updated Spiano micro-mini models, known for their friendly exteriors and comfortable interior cabins, are on sale from today at Mazda Autozam, Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealerships throughout...
  4. Rendered Speculation: Euro Focus hatches coupe

    Ford Motor Company Discussion These rendered images of the next-generation Ford Focus for the European market are, to put it bluntly, painful to look at. That's not because the artist penned a dog, but rather because he or she gives us a glimpse of Ford's next-gen Focus...