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  1. Ford: More models will get the Focus RS' AWD system

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    Ford Focus RS Club we already knew this..... Ford: More models will get the Focus RS' AWD system Ford has confirmed that the new Focus RS will not be the company's only vehicle outfitted with its new twin-clutch all-wheel-drive technology. The system utilizes two electronically controlled...
  2. Ford names Mark LaNeve head of U.S. marketing, sales and service

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    Saw this over at GMI figured I would post it here:
  3. A Pair Of Classic Lincolns From 'The Godfather' Head to Auction

    Lincoln Discussion
    By Kurt Ernst Jan 3, 2013 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe, as seen in 'The Godfather' - image: Bonhams Auctions If you have a thing for early 1940s Lincolns, or if you’re a huge fan of The Godfather (the second-greatest film in American cinema, according to the American Film Institute)...
  4. Ford Marketing Head: "**** GM"

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    Ford Marketing Head: "**** GM" Jul 21, 2011 Jalopnik Warning: Link contains mature language, do not hit link if you think you will be offended Ford's chief marketer Jim Farley has overseen some of the company's most important successes of the past few years, ones that have made it the most...
  5. "New Century Craftsmanship" Video with Lincoln's Head Designer, Max Wolff

    Lincoln Brand News
    If you look closely you can see the back on some vehicle in the clay stage and also the center stack on a new interior. LINK
  6. Ford thunderbird owners head to dearborn to celebrate 55 years of history

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    FORD THUNDERBIRD OWNERS HEAD TO DEARBORN TO CELEBRATE 55 YEARS OF HISTORY DEARBORN, Mich., June 25, 2010 – The Ford Thunderbird is known for its classic design cues and the character of a true American sports car. But it also has 55 years of history to go along with that, and owners across the...
  7. Ford Names Ken Czubay Head Of U.s. Sales And Marketing

    Ford Employee Discussion
    FORD MOTOR COMPANY NAMES KEN CZUBAY HEAD OF U.S. SALES AND MARKETING Ken Czubay DEARBORN, Mich., July 1 — Ford Motor Company today announced the appointment of veteran auto industry executive and retailer Ken Czubay as vice president of U.S. Sales and Marketing. Czubay, who has 38 years of...
  8. Auto News: Toyota’s Farley jumps to Ford to head marketing

    Ford Corporate News
    Toyota’s Farley jumps to Ford to head marketing Jim Farley Automotive News October 11, 2007 - 9:34 am ET Jim Farley, a marketing star at Toyota Motor Corp., is joining Ford Motor Co. as group vice president of marketing and communications. Farley, 45, joins Ford next month. He will be...
  9. Automotive News: New Head Of Jaguar

    European Competition
    O'Driscoll replaces Boerio atop Jaguar Mark Rechtin Automotive News | 2:59 pm, August 1, 2007 Jaguar Cars Ltd. has replaced Managing Director Bibiana Boerio with Mike O'Driscoll, president of Jaguar Land Rover North America. O'Driscoll will continue his North American duties while...