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  1. Detroit 3 headlines: Ford settles suit in rollover death

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford, after being ordered to pay a baseball player's estate $131 million, settled a lawsuit over the Explorer rollover death before punitive damages could be considered in the trial. Ford settled the case over the death of the former New York Mets minor league baseball player on confidential...
  2. Detroit 3 headlines: Ford rated 1st in brand-watch study

    FIN Headline News
    For the second quarter in a row, Ford is the most-considered automotive brand among new-car shoppers, according to Kelley Blue Book's brand-watch study. Ford scored an overall brand consideration of 29% while second-place Toyota had scored 22% among shoppers who visited Kelley Blue Book's Web...
  3. Detroit 3 headlines: Suppliers rank Ford first again

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Automotive suppliers surveyed in June by UBS Investment Research ranked Ford first among automakers for the second quarter in a row. UBS said 67% of the suppliers it surveyed described their relationship with Ford as "good," which was better than 54% for Honda and 53% for Toyota. The 52...
  4. Auto headlines

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    About 1,900 UAW-represented workers at General Motors' Saginaw Steering plant, now part of the GM subsidiary Nexteer, are slated to vote today on contract changes for a second time in recent weeks. A proposed set of changes, rejected earlier this month, has been tweaked to offer health care...
  5. Detroit 3 headlines: Missouri weighs tax break for Ford

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    Ford workers in Kansas City, Mo., are on edge as the state legislature considers a bill designed to entice Ford to add another product to their assembly plant. More...
  6. Headlines: U.S. gets Grede pensions

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    The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., the government's pension insurer, has taken on the pension plan of 4,800 former workers and retirees of Novi-based metal auto parts maker Grede Foundries. More...
  7. Headlines: Business news in briefs

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    Toyota closed a car factory in China on Friday because of a supplier strike, while Honda was hit by a walkout at a fourth affiliate there as worker discontent over low pay spread through the industry. More...