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  1. LAIAS 2012: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST brings the heat to the B-segment

    Ford Car Discussion
    2014 Ford Fiesta ST brings the heat to the B-segment 2014 Ford Fiesta ST brings heat to the B-segment By Jeffrey N. Ross Posted Nov 28th 2012 3:28PM For hot hatch buyers who might find the Focus ST a little out of their price range, the 2014...
  2. AZ heat = more failling Leafs

    Asian Competition
    Nissan Leaf owners claim AZ desert heat saps batteries - Posted: Jul 18, 2012 12:29 AM PDT Updated: Jul 18, 2012 5:40 AM PDT By Heather Moore PHOENIX (CBS5) - Some Nissan Leaf car owners are tempted to pull the plug after a dramatic drop in their driving range. They believe Arizona's...
  3. Ford’s Domestic Brand Quality In Statistical Dead Heat With Toyota And Honda For 2008

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD’S DOMESTIC BRAND QUALITY IN STATISTICAL DEAD HEAT WITH TOYOTA AND HONDA FOR 2008 MODEL YEAR Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles continue their impressive quality gains, collectively improving for the fourth straight year and moving into a virtual tie with Honda-Acura and Toyota-Lexus-Scion...
  4. BusinessWeek: The New Heat On Ford

    Ford Corporate News
    QUOTE Originally posted by MN12Fan From BusinessWeek On a chilly morning in February, the new chief executive of Ford Motor Co., Alan R. Mulally, boarded one of the company's Falcon twin-turbo jets and flew to Consumer Reports magazine's automobile testing facility in East Haddam, Conn. He was...
  5. Ford feels heat to refresh lineup

    Ford Corporate News DEARBORN -- To survive in today's auto industry, you need a steady parade of fresh designs to keep consumers interested. Ford Motor Co. learned that the hard way by allowing initially successful models...