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    Philip Caldwell, Ford CEO after Henry Ford II, dies at 93 Automotive News July 11, 2013 by Bill Koenig DETROIT (Bloomberg) -- Philip Caldwell, Ford Motor Co.'s first CEO who wasn't a member of the founder's family, and who gambled the automaker's future on the Taurus sedan in the 1980s, has...
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    Ford Media Oldest surviving Ford production car, a 1903 Model A, recently purchased at auction by Bill Ford; car unveiled as part of an employee event to kick off the 150th anniversary celebration of Henry Ford’s birth in 2013 Community picnic, special program at Maker Faire are key events...
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    "THE PROMISE OF THE FUTURE MAKES THE PRESENT SEEM DRAB" Mr. Ford Foresees a Better Division of the Profits to Be Found in Life The New York Times By HENRY FORD Industrial Experimenter September 13, 1931 To make an eighty-year forecast may be an interesting exercise, first of the imagination...
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    LINK Classic Cars Cruise in to The Henry Ford for Old Car Festival America's Longest Running Antique Car Show Pays Tribute to the Model T, September 6-7 in Greenfield Village
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    Henry Ford was born 144 years ago today. As a Ford employee, I am surprised that they never celebrate this day, or even mention it for that matter. Here is a bio if you want to read.