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  1. Dodge Celebrates 100th Birthday, Allows Drives of Historical Vehicles

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    To read this complete story, Dodge Celebrates its 100th Birthday and more historical vehicle driving impressions visit
  2. Historical Documents. 1966, 1967 Ford GT 40 Wins at Le Mans [VIDEO]

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    This is what you would get in the 1960 when you messed with The Deuce. In the early 1960 Ford had agreed to purhase Ferrari. At the very last minute Enzo Ferrari had a sudden chage of heart when Fiat gave them money to remain independent, and called the deal off. Henry Fords revenge was to...
  3. Historical Document. Development of the 1949 Ford [VIDEO]

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    Its 1946 and an only 28 years old Henry Ford had just taken over the reins of a near bankrupt and desolated Ford Motor Company from the hands of a senile Henry Ford who at the moment, old and heart rboken by the death of his only son Edsel, was a far cry of his old genious. The young Henry...
  4. Ford Motor Co at a Historical Crossroad of Opportunity

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    Ford Motor Co at a Historical Crossroad of Opportunity “Joe Six pack’s Opinion” By Ndwariga Once in a moment of insightful brilliance my favorite cost accounting professor Ms. Dennis said of Wal-Mart that a good business model is one everyone else is trying to Xerox into the dustbins of...