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  1. Lincoln: New boss, new market, new hope

    Lincoln Brand News
    Bradford Wernle Automotive News August 18, 2014 - 12:01 am ET Lincoln has been stuck in the backwaters of the luxury market for several years as its product portfolio has aged and its dealer network has shrunk. But the brand is showing signs of life as Ford Motor Co.'s reinvention of Lincoln...
  2. Tesla pays back $465m DOE loan, Musk says 'I hope we did you proud'

    Competition News
    Tesla pays back $465m DOE loan, Musk says 'I hope we did you proud' Autoblog May 22, 2013 by Sebastian Blanco We're willing to bet there are bottles of champagne popping all the way from Washington, DC to Palo Alto, CA today with the announcement that Tesla Motors has, as suspected, paid off...
  3. Ford Paints a Portrait of Hope

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
  4. An idea I hope to work on soon,

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    I just had the idea to take the new Fiesta platform, and design a 2+2 small sporty convertible on it. Hopefully I'll find time to work on it this week. Anyway, the idea would be to design a small sporty car that could actually be built and sold for slightly more than the Fiesta. Any ideas...
  5. 10 Vehicles That Show There is Still Hope For Detroit

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    <TABLE width=470 itxtvisited="1"><TBODY itxtvisited="1"><TR itxtvisited="1"><TD style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 1px; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #333333; PADDING-LEFT: 1px; PADDING-RIGHT: 1px; FONT-SIZE: 8pt; FONT-WEIGHT: bold; PADDING-TOP: 1px" vAlign=top width=92 align=middle itxtvisited="1"> Chevrolet Malibu...
  6. CNN: Saturn owners hope GM doesn't abandon them

    General Motors Discussion
    CNN Saturn owners hope GM doesn't abandon them By Jim Kavanagh CNN SODDY-DAISY, Tennessee (CNN) -- Kat Koonce loves her Saturns. She owns three, and has pictures of them on, where she is one of almost 2,500 Saturn devotees who've posted photo albums of their vehicles. Judy...
  7. CONFIRMED: Ford Fiesta coming to America, hope for Mondeo

    Ford Car Discussion Ford of Europe chairman Lewis Booth confirmed today that the next-generation Ford Fiesta for the European market will be brought to us folks in small car-starved North America. In truth, we're not...