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  1. Ford Corporate News
    New 2014 C-MAX Hybrid/Energi Lease Deal Now is a better time for anyone thinking of leasing a 2014 C-MAX Hybrid. With the mpg drop from 47/47/47 to 45/40/43, the C-MAX Hybrid has taken a sales hit of about 1,000 units monthly since mpg drop. Sales are down -41.5% as of April. Ford has...
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Hybrid and Energi plug-in vehicles took charge for September! Ford Brand Energi (plug-in hybrids only) had its best total month (1,453) ever and best retail month (1,428) ever, outselling the Prius plug-in at 1,152. C-Max/Fusion Energi plug-in vehicles at YTD 7635 is just 340 units from...
  3. Ford Corporate News
    Ford Celebrates Production Launch of the Only Front-Wheel- Drive Hybrid Transmission To Be Made in North America Ford Media Ford’s Van **** Transmission Plant adds hybrid transmission capacity thanks to a new, flexible assembly line supporting Ford C-MAX Hybrid, C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid...
1-3 of 3 Results