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    Tesla Model III concept. Designed as an affordable Tesla hatchback priced around $30K. Would compete directly with BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt, and Nissan LEAF. A notable feature is the windshield that extends over the passenger area, as if the windshield and sunroof were joined. If you opt out of...
  2. Mustang Discussion
    from the article: A 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang III "Shorty" factory prototype is set to go under the hammer March next year. Designed by Vince E. Gardner and based on a pre-production 1965 Mustang, the "Shorty" factory prototype is 406mm (16 inches) shorter than the original model and only one car...
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    To read all of this story, TRANS WARS Episode III: Revenge of the Shift and to see the rest of this three-part miniseries head on over to
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    DECEMBER 11, 2012 Carscoop It’s been a long road with plenty of scoops of both camouflaged prototypes and unmarked cars captured during testing and photo shoots, but now the time has come for Skoda to release its third generation of the successful Octavia series, which is seen here in liftback...
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    I still like the idea of a Mustang Jr. model. This of course goes back to the 63 prototype Mustang II. Here I started with a Lotus Elise (small, amidship engine, targa) but pretty much changed everything. It's too small to have that many curves! original pic: