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  1. Illustrated: 2012 BMW 3-Series Sedan

    European Competition
    BMW's ever-popular 3-Series will undergo a major refresh for 2012. Our illustrator has delved deep into BMW's product planning department for a sneak peak. [url=]More...
  2. CR Bias Illustrated

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
  3. 2010 Ford Taurus Illustrated

    Ford Car Discussion
    High Resolution Image The photo above looks too spify not to be a future 2010 Ford Taurus, but the rendering merely represents one Ford fan's interpretation of the next bread and butter Ford Sedan in North America. Forum poster 2b2 saw it over at Ford australia Sure, this rendering...
  4. Illustrated! Speculation Continues About Jaguars Future Flagship...The XJ

    European Competition
    Well...after the illustrated opinions of the Jaguar 911 Fighter that has been rumored and discussed here and elsewhere on the was inevitable that the same illustrative speculation would befall the Jaguar XJ Flagship. Again, this illustration is courtesy of my friends at Left Lane...