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  1. Competition News
    F Sport trim works wonders for Lexus' image If Lexus finally reclaims the U.S. luxury sales crown this year after a four-year drought, its acceptance speech ought to include a special thanks to its F Sport models. F Sport trim packages are available on nearly every model Lexus sells, and...
  2. Chrysler Group Discussion
    posting this to - give FiatslerInsideNews...I mean ALLPAR a shout-out & - seems I'm the only one on GMI who likes it... Posted on December 31st, 2013 • by David Zatz, The image above was taken from a Ram commercial, where it appeared for a few seconds. Automotive News’ Larry...
  3. Lincoln Discussion
    PDL has a nice writeup on PBC PDL talks about Lincoln and adds something that a lot here said and brings up a good point:
  4. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford has accidentally revealed the 2015 Ford Edge in a Power Point presentation. Original Presentation (See Slide 9):
  5. Automotive Industry News
    THE AUTOEXTREMIST April 25, 2012 - temporary Link By Peter M. De Lorenzo ...In a discussion of brand image I must digress by marveling at the extraordinary machinations that auto manufacturers are going through to appeal to consumers in the Chinese market, especially when it comes to design...
  6. Asian Competition
    As expected, the overall design of the dashboard continues the same "sculpted" theme seen on the new Sonata's interior, enhanced with more edges and swoopy lines. It also gets an instrument panel with a pair of tunneled main gauges (speedometer and tachometer), as well as unique controls for the...
  7. Asian Competition
    is this the new civic we are going to see?
  8. Chrysler Group Discussion
    The new Dodge logo features the Dodge name with a pair of red racing stripes, "suggesting speed and agility," said Chrysler on Thursday. The move is another step in the separation of the once-conjoined Dodge and Ram brands, which began last fall. More... ----------------------- yeah right
  9. European Competition Much like the company did with the Range Stormer, Land Rover released a silhouetted image earlier this year of an upcoming concept car destined for a future auto show. The concept pictured appears to be a two-door SUV designed in the same...
1-10 of 11 Results