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  1. 16% Sales Increase Help Drive Ford to #1 in Canada; Best March in 10 years

    Monthly Sales Results
    16% Sales Increase Help Drive Ford to #1 in Canada; Best March in 10 years Ford Media March Highlights: Ford #1 in Canada for March and the first quarter First quarter sales best since 2003 Overall vehicle sales increased 16% Overall car sales were up 31% Overall truck sales rose 12% Ford...
  2. Toyota Still Under `Clouds,' Falls Behind Ford as U.S. Auto Sales Increase

    Automotive Industry News
    Toyota Still Under `Clouds,' Falls Behind Ford as U.S. Auto Sales Increase Bloomberg By David Welch - Jan 4, 2011 4:54 PM ET Toyota Motor Corp.’s U.S. vehicle sales fell in 2010 while industrywide sales rose 11 percent and every other major automaker reported gains. Ford Motor Co. moved up to...
  3. Ford china and india august sales increase 37 percent on strong demand for new produc

    Ford Corporate News
    Strong demand for Ford Motor Company products in China and India led to a 37 percent increase in August sales compared to a year ago in the world’s fastest growing automotive markets. More...
  4. Troller Wants 2nd Model, Increase Sales by 50%

    Global JMC & Troller News
    The Troller T4-Its only model I'll sum up the article. They want to expand their market share by bringing out a new model. They plan on increasing the number of dealers from 20 to 30 by 2012.
  5. Hyundai, Ford Increase Share of Market Interest on as

    Ford Motor Company Discussion "Hyundai, Ford Increase Share of Market Interest on as Toyota, Honda Decline" A strong showing in consumer interest in the Ford brand:cool: The big drop for Pontiac is understandable, as is...
  6. Ford’s u.s. May sales up 23 percent; sixth straight month ford sales increase

    FIN Headline News
    Ford’s U.S. May sales up 23 percent; Sixth Straight Month of Ford Sales Increase Ford continued to post strong sales and market share gains in May, with Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers delivering 192,253 new vehicles in May; a 23 percent increase versus a year ago. It marks the sixth...
  7. GM Wuling Plans New Brand Launch and Output Increase

    General Motors Discussion
    GM Wuling Plans New Brand Launch and Output Increase - InsideLine Published May 25, 2010 Just the Facts: General Motors' minivan venture in China, SAIC-GM-Wuling, plans to increase its production capacity. It also plans to launch a new brand to help it strengthen its passenger-car...
  8. Rumormill: Ford's Power Stroke diesel getting power increase to beat GM Duramax

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: Volatile gas prices and increasingly stiff emissions standards were supposed to kill the auto industry's horsepower wars, or so we thought feared. Recent news out of...
  9. Ford leads industry in residual value increase, at $1,300 avg.

    Ford Corporate News
    DEARBORN -- Ford Motor Company vehicles, bolstered by improved quality, fuel economy and popular redesigned models, recorded the largest increase in residual values from the 2009 to the 2010 model year among full-line manufacturers. The projected resale value of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury...
  10. FORD only full mfg with US sales increase in 3rd Q

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD’S STRONG NEW PRODUCTS DRIVE INDUSTRY’S ONLY THIRD-QUARTER U.S. SALES BOOST FROM FULL-LINE MAKERS - Ford, Lincoln and Mercury U.S. third quarter sales increased 5 percent versus a year ago and U.S. market share increased 2 points Ford July sales were up 2 percent and August...
  11. FordAu production increase but...

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    due to its encyclopedic nature (LINK) just quoting:
  12. Autoblog: Ford might increase cuts in slow economy

    Ford Corporate News Mark "the Mullet" Fields dropped some small ordinance during an interview with the Wall Street Journal today, saying that if the slow U.S. economy puts the automaker at risk of not meeting its financial goals for the...
  13. Japan: Aisin Seiki to increase hybrid parts supply to Ford

    Ford Corporate News
    Aisin Seiki is planning to increase its supply of core motor systems for hybrid vehicles to Ford reports business daily Nikkei. Full Story here (subscription Required)