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  1. Asian Competition
    Lexus of Germany's 641 Horsepower, 200 MPH LS TMG - Insideline By Mike Magrath | September 22, 2011 article LINK - - - - - - - - - crossreference: Mission: LINCOLN!
  2. Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Long Term Tests: 2009 Ford Flex Limited Edmunds Insideline By: Edmunds Staff 2009 Ford Flex: Touch Me 2009 Ford Flex Limited: Mt. Whitney Road Trip - Summary 2009 Ford Flex Limited: Mt. Whitney Road Trip - Day Three - Hot Brakes 2009 Ford Flex Limited: Mount Whitney Road Trip - Day Two...
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    first comparo I've seen of these two on the web today more at the link
  4. Ford Truck Discussion
    Exclusive: Ford SVT To Build SuperCrew Raptor insideline | By Daniel Pund | April 13, 2010 Yes, the image above is an illustration created deep within the bowels of the Straightline Photoshop central. That doesn't mean it's not true though. Riding a wave of surprising popularity with its...
  5. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Teased Ahead of 2010 New York Auto Show - InsideLine Published Mar 26, 2010 Just the Facts:Hyundai releases a teaser photo of its 2011 Sonata Hybrid. The Sonata Hybrid will be fully revealed on March 31. Pricing for the Hyundai's first hybrid has not yet been...
  6. European Competition
    can't find a new article at InsideLine tho they have a new video @ Youtube < LINK but via VIDEO: 2011 VW Jetta Sedan Spied in the U.S.A Saturday, January 02, 2010 Volkswagen is continuing the development of the next generation of its bread-and-butter model in North...
  7. Ford Car Discussion* First Impressions: The 2010 Ford Taurus differentiates itself from the interim Five Hundred-based Taurus with high style and high tech, but we're not yet convinced it's the flagship...
  8. General Motors Discussion
    I wonder why domestics put up with these people.*#2
  9. General Motors Discussion
    V8 Engine Is Far From Dead at GM 1-22-2008 DETROIT — Afficionados of the grand ol' American V8 moaned when news came last month that General Motors killed an ambitious program that was well on its way to developing a sophisticated, all-new DOHC V8 architecture. The so-called "Ultra" V8, or...
  10. Mercury Discussion
    Edmund's Insideline: Lincoln MKT to debut in NAIAS 2008 SANTA MONICA, Calif. — In an innocuous story about recent trends in car names, the Los Angeles Times this weekend let it slip that the 2009 Lincoln MKT will make its debut at next week's 2008 Detroit Auto Show. Although the Times does...
  11. Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
1-11 of 12 Results