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  1. Ford Sync 3 Announced: All-New Interface Design

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford today announced the new Sync 3 system which includes a completely redesigned interface, eliminating the quadrant layout. MyFord Touch branding is now gone and falls in-line with the global branding for these systems. Unfortunately, Sync 3 at launch is using outdated Siri Eye's Free...
  2. Ford: Voice as Primary Interface - BNET

    Ford SYNC Discussion
    Re-Tweeted by Ford so imho it's much more official than 'just a blog'... Ford Aims to Make Voice Recognition the "Primary Interface" for Cars - BNET (a blog) By Jim Motavalli | Jul 20, 2010 In-car voice recognition has always been a “killer app,” given its advantages in convenience and the...
  3. Autoblog: JaguarDrive interface uncovered!

    European Competition
    JaguarDrive interface uncovered! ===> The spies at KGP Photography have been trying to capture Jaguar's new JaguarDrive transmission selector interface all week, and until today the best view they got was almost completely covered by an engineer's hand. Finally, however, the engineers in...