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  1. 2017 Ford Fusion Interior Spied with Rotary Knob Shifter

    Ford Car Discussion
    I spotted this over at BON and thought it was significant enough to post here. The updated Fusion for 2017 interior was spied in China sporting the rotary shift knob from the Chinese Taurus. It's unclear if this is coming to the US however. Otherwise the interior sees very minimal changes...
  2. 2017 Continental Interior Spied

    Lincoln Discussion
    Some fresh new photos of the Continental prototype have surfaced revealing more details of the exterior design and a glimpse of the production interior. We can see the center console which has a very similar...
  3. Carbon fiber or wood interior for your new Ford F-250
    Hi everyone, check out these new interior packages for 2015 Ford F-250. Our dash kits will allow you to completely restyle your stock interior without any modifications! Dash pieces are laser cut to perfectly match with every single edge of the dash on your F-250. Each piece consists of 2...
  4. Husky floor liners: all about interior protection of your Ford
    No matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast, owner of 6 dogs or just live in highland area or in the tropics. Husky products are all about the functionality and overall protection of your ride. The company brings car interior and exterior protection to the whole new level. So if you've just...
  5. New level of interior protection of your Explorer with WeatherTech liners
    The protection of the carpeting area of your ride is an important part of the car maintenance. If you have kids, or live in the severe-weather area, or own a pack of four legged friends keeping the floor of your ride clean is a real challenge. WeatherTech specialists are ready to give you a...
  6. Refine the interior of your Fiesta with Boomerang® - Armrest
    If you like driving your car as much as looking at it, so why not make the inside of your chariot as nice as the outside? People often upgrade the interior with custom dash kits, steering wheels, seat covers and floor mats. Thanks to Boomerang now we can add an armrest and complete vehicle's...
  7. Cadillac CT6 Is A Plug-In Hybrid With Streaming Video Interior Mirror

    Competition News
    Cadillac CT6 Forum Cadillac CT6 Is A Plug-In Hybrid With Streaming Video Interior Mirror GM president Mark Reuss is showing off a host of new products to investors today, including the long-awaited Cadillac flagship. Details of the CT6 are beginning to trickle out and that includes a 0-60...
  8. 2016 Ford Taurus Spied with Interior Revealed!: PHOTOS INSIDE

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Here is your new Ford Taurus, or what LeftLane thinks is the Fusion. You be the judge on that.
  9. You're looking at the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 interior

    Ford Brand News - Global
    You're looking at the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350 interior' Breathe easy for a second—the giant emergency stop button on the dash is definitely not going to be a production feature on the 2016 Mustang Shelby GT350. The six-speed manual (for shifting as the pony car gods intended) will be...
  10. Ford F150 with custom leather and wood interior
    Exterior upgrades on a truck lool awesome, but you don't really see them while you drive. From this prospective - interior upgrades would make a difference for you. We came across one of the most radical custom F150 interiors posted on (social network for car enthusiasts). A...
  11. 2016 Bentley SUV Spy Shots (With Interior)

    European Competition
    2016 Bentley SUV Spy Shots (With Interior) The prototype is heavily camouflaged, with most of the panels found at the front and rear sections tacked on to hide the true shape. However, we can still ascertain a number of details from the latest shots and also peer into the lavish interior...
  12. 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Interior Spied

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Interior Spied: 6500-rpm Redline, Racy Recaro Seats The next Ford Mustang GT500 will surely be fast, loud, and will look awesome. But despite some rumblings from our sources and previous GT500 spy shots, we haven’t had solid information about the underhood plans...
  13. 2015 Volvo XC 90's interior: this is luxury

    European Competition
    Volvo revealed the next XC 90's interior: the luxury word come to my mind when i see the pics. Premium quality materials, real wood, aluminum, leather and chrome. This car exudes luxury and upscale sensation. That big (really big!) touch screen replace almost all knobs and buttons in the dash...
  14. Mercedes Previews Interior of Upcoming AMG GT Supercar

    European Competition
    Cannot wait to see the exterior styling but for now a tease of its interior will suffice more below
  15. Interior Appointments in Lincoln MKC Exemplify Commitment to Quality

    Lincoln Discussion
    Interior Appointments in Lincoln MKC Exemplify Commitment to Quality If there is anything for which the Lincoln Motor Company is particularly well-known, it’s the high-class quality of the interior appointments in Lincoln vehicles across the model lineup. The all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC, which is...
  16. next F-150 interior spied!

    Ford Truck Discussion
    The next F-150 , the biggest news from Ford in 2014, is near. here some spy pics of the interior.
  17. 2015 Nissan Murano spied for the first time, including interior

    Asian Competition
    2015 Nissan Murano spied for the first time, including interior The third generation of the Nissan Murano has been spied for the first time ahead of what will probably turn out to be a 2015 market launch...
  18. Scoop: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV Shows its Nifty C-Class Interior

    European Competition
    Scoop: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV Shows its Nifty C-Class Interior Coming soon to Mercedes-Benz's freshened lineup is the new, second generation GLK luxury crossover. While we have spied it before, this time, our man with the stretched lens sneaked up to a tester and for the first time...
  19. 2015 Ford Expedition interior spied

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    2015 Ford Expedition Interior Spied We’ve just taken our first sneak peek at the 2015 Ford Expedition’s interior. The 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban may be stealing the headlines now, but the GM entries won’t be the only truly full-size SUVs updated for the 2015 model year. While these 2015...
  20. 2015 ford mustang interior spy

    Mustang Discussion