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  1. Ford Introduces New Additions to SYNC AppLink

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Introduces New Additions to SYNC AppLink Ford Modern families want to stay connected to each other and to friends, even when they’re on the go and miles apart. Ford Motor Company and Life360 want to help. Ford will be the first automaker to offer in-car use of the popular family locator...
  2. Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Vehicle Names

    Competition News
    Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Vehicle Names Automotive News Mercedes-Benz will have five core models: A, B, C, E and S. All crossovers will have a GL in their name “in a tribute to the legendary G class,” the company said. The letter that follows will indicate the vehicle’s size, similar to...
  3. Lincoln introduces it's own Showroom Scent

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln introduces it's own Showroom Scent Lincoln has announced some of their dealerships will feature an original scent called the "Essence of Lincoln." Designed to be dispersed through the ventilation system, the Essence of Lincoln is a fragrance that has hints of green tea, jasmine and...
  4. Ford introduces innovative airbag design on new 2015 mustang

    Ford Brand News - Global
    FORD INTRODUCES INNOVATIVE AIRBAG DESIGN ON NEW 2015 MUSTANG Ford is introducing an all-new inflatable airbag restraint design that provides the front seat passenger in a Ford Mustang with knee airbag protection while significantly reducing system size and weight, enabling a roomier interior...
  5. Roush Introduces New Models, Supercharger Kit for 2011 Mustang GT 5.0

    Ford Corporate News
    Roush is one of the preeminent tuners of the Ford Mustang, so every time the Blue Oval’s engineers drop a new model—which has been happening a lot lately—Roush scrambles to develop new go-fast parts. The company has already prepared three different levels of vehicle transformations for the 2011...
  6. Ford Introduces Industry's First Inflatable Seat Belts to Enhance Rear Seat Safety

    Ford Corporate News
    DEARBORN -- Ford Motor Company is bringing to market the world’s first automotive inflatable seat belts, combining attributes of traditional seat belts and air bags to provide an added level of crash safety protection for rear seat occupants. The advanced restraint system is designed to help...
  7. Ford Introduces Product Upgrades For 2009 As Product Transformation Accelerates

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD INTRODUCES PRODUCT, POWERTRAIN UPGRADES FOR 2009 AS PRODUCT TRANSFORMATION ACCELERATES New Model Lineup: All-new 2009 Ford Flex crossover, Lincoln MKS luxury sedan, redesigned Escape compact utility and new F-150 lead major upgrades to Ford's new 2009-model lineup Better Fuel...
  8. Volvo Introduces R-Design

    European Competition
    Volvo Introduces R-Design R-Design - an exclusive factory-fitted premium styling concept for customers who want a car with refined, sporty attributes. R-Design will initially be available on the Volvo C30, Volvo S40, Volvo V50 and Volvo XC90 as of autumn 2008. Detroit, MI (January 11...
  9. Volvo Cars Introduces New Systems for Alerting Tired and Distracted Drivers

    European Competition
    Volvo Cars Introduces New Systems for Alerting Tired and Distracted Drivers Studies show that up to 90 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by driver distraction. Now Volvo Cars introduces Driver Alert Control - with a technology solution that is a world-first in passenger cars. The...