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  1. Ford edge reaches 400,000 sales since introduction, more than any other midsize cross

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 17, 2010 – Sales of Ford Edge, which arrived on the market in late 2006, hit 400,000 this weekend – more than any midsize crossover vehicle during the same period. Also this past weekend, the new 2011 Ford Edge began shipping from Oakville Assembly Complex in Ontario to...
  2. Introduction Of 3.5-liter Ecoboost V-6 Engine Adds Even More Versatility To Distincti

    Ford Corporate News
    DETROIT, Jan. 11, 2009 – Ford Flex turns heads with its distinctive design – and in 2009, the unique full-size crossover becomes even more noteworthy, thanks to an available twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. This all-new engine gives Flex V-8 power and performance feel with the...
  3. Dealer introduction video for the 1966 Lincoln Continental

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Its hilarious, and the car is just beautiful. Enjoy.