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  1. 2016 Lincoln MKX Dealer Inventories

    Lincoln Discussion
    Since I'm stalking the new MKX, you can now find the MKX appearing in dealer online inventories with window stickers and all. So maybe another month and we'll start seeing them in dealerships. The main page still hasn't switched to the 2016 MKX, presumably so they can continue to clear on the...
  2. Ford June 2014 Sales Fall 5.8 Percent on Back of Falling F-150 Inventories

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford Transit Starts Sales Ford Inside News July 1, 2014 By: Austin Rutherford Even on the back of June records for both the Fusion and Transit Connect, Ford sales fell 5.8 percent in June mostly due to the 11.0 percent drop from F-Series. This was to be expected with the F-150 switchover...
  3. Ford boosting incentives to clear out Fusion inventories

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford boosting incentives to clear out Fusion inventories Just six months after starting Fusion production at a second North American plant, Ford is raising incentives on its mid-size sedan to help clear out mounting inventories. Around many parts of the country Ford is now offering 0 percent...
  4. Accord and Nissan Bloated Inventories Over 60K

    Competition News
    Honda Accord and Nissan both have daily inventories at over 60k units With the ramp up of Flat Rock, the Ford Fusion daily inventory continues to climb to better compete. As of today Fusion inventory is up to 43k units on sales of 21k, and current #1 selling Camry is at 47k on sales of 29k...
  5. US Inventories of Toyota, Honda and Nissan Up 60%

    Asian Competition
    US Inventories of Toyota, Honda and Nissan Up 60% 20 December 2008 Nikkei. US inventories for Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co. have climbed sharply as demand continues to decay. The average inventory among the top three Japanese automakers came to 103 days in November...