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  1. Lincoln Motor Company and Matthew McConaughey Begin New Creative Journey

    Lincoln Brand News
    Today marks another key and exciting step in the reinvention of The Lincoln Motor Company as we announce a collaboration with Academy Award™-winning actor Matthew McConaughey. We are absolutely delighted to have such a talented actor join us to help tell the next chapter in the Lincoln story...
  2. Ford's 1.0L EcoBoost engine makes the journey to LA... in a carry-on bag

    Ford Corporate News
    By Steven J. Ewing Nov 16th 2012 Autoblog We can't even begin to imagine all of the weird stuff that the Transportation Security Administration has seen through the screen of the airport x-ray machine (or worse, when they find when they get to snap on those latex gloves and actually rummage...
  3. 2012 Fiat Freemont is officially presented (Rebadged Journey)

    European Competition
    2012 Fiat Freemont is officially presented Author: Eber 24/01/2011 Original: Translated: The version of Fiat 's Dodge Journeyon which we comment first hand in November , called Fiat Freemont, and has just been officially presented. The...
  4. 2011 Fiat Freemont crossover spy shots (Rebadged Journey)

    European Competition
    2011 Fiat Freemont crossover spyshots Finaly,we can see the Fiat’s version of Dodge Journey.Altrought,it’s a front view spyshots but it’s reveal where the car change most from the original Journey.Yes, as we was told, side and rear view of car will only slightly change from the...
  5. 2011 Dodge Journey

    Competition News
    Dodge Journey gets Pentastar engine, new interior for 2011 by Steven J. Ewing Oct 20th 2010 As Chrysler continues its effort to drastically refresh the majority of its product portfolio in short order, we're seeing a raft of updated interior refinements and powertrain...
  6. 2010 Ford Taurus SHO vs. 2009 Infiniti G37 Journey

    Ford Brand News - Global*
  7. Chrysler Axes their version of Dodge Journey

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    11/07/07, 10:57am, EST LeftLane News Earlier this week, Chrysler announced it would pull four slow-selling products from the market in 2008. But according to Leftlane sources, company officials also decided recently to kill off a product that hasn't even been built yet — a Chrysler-branded...
  8. FRANKFURT: 2009 Dodge Journey

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Judging only by the pictures and not knowing one thing about its underpinnings all I can say is . . . No wonder Daimler was so eager to drop them . . . :rolleyes: The CUV no one saw coming and that probably no one will see passing by. Think of it as the Chrysler Aspen of the CUVs. This CUV will...
  9. 2009 Ford Flex: An All-new Full-size Crossover Redefines The Journey For The American

    Ford Car Discussion
    Bold Design Inside and Out: New Ford Flex full-size crossover is the first vehicle of its kind with a bold design, striking interior and seven-passenger seating for families. Cool Features: Interior refrigerator, second-row footrests, Ford Sync™ in-car communications and entertainment system...