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  1. GM/Other MFGs' SALES June 2015

    Monthly Sales Results
    more below, here's a GM graphic hopefully eastcoasthd :thumb: can use these this time :joyous:...
  2. Ford June U.S. Sales Up on Strong Customer Demand for Newest Products

    Monthly Sales Results
    Jul 1, 2015 | Dearborn, Mich. •Ford brand SUVs sales up 10 percent, delivering best June sales performance since 2002; sales of all-new Ford Edge up 30 percent, new Explorer up 30 percent versus last year •Ford F-Series achieves record average transaction pricing, while all-new F-150 turns...
  3. Eyes On Design celebrates legendary designers - June 21

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Eyes On Design celebrates legendary car designers' work Detroit Free Press By Mark Phelan June 13, 2015 Landmark vehicles by some of the auto industry's legendary designers will be center stage at the Eyes On Design car show on Father's Day, June 21. As many as 300 vehicles will fill the...
  4. June PHEV Sales Surprise: Ford Fusion Beats Chevy Volt

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    It's true: Not only did the Fusion Energi see off the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid this month, but at 1,939 deliveries it also beat the consistent-selling Chevrolet Volt, on 1,777 units. In fact, it was the Fusion Energi's best-ever month on sale, beating its previous best--one month earlier--by...
  5. Ford of Canada Retains Sales Title in June

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford of Canada Retains Sales Title in June Ford OAKVILLE, Ont. – An overall sales increase of seven percent fuelled Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ltd.'s sales leadership in June with strength across the lineup, including a 52 percent increase in hybrid model sales. "We saw strong sales...
  6. Ford #1 Plug-In Manufacturer for June

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford #1 Plug-In Manufacturer for June Conventional hybrid vehicles continue to take a sales decline for June, with Fusion Hybrid down to 3016 vs 3057 for 2013, C-MAX Hybrid down to 1952 vs 2889 for 2013, with MKZ Hybrid up just 19 units to 787 vs 768 for June 2013. Comparing the...
  7. June 2014 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers

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    To read all of this story, June 2014 Auto Sales: Winners and Losers please visit
  8. Ford June 2014 Sales Fall 5.8 Percent on Back of Falling F-150 Inventories

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford Transit Starts Sales Ford Inside News July 1, 2014 By: Austin Rutherford Even on the back of June records for both the Fusion and Transit Connect, Ford sales fell 5.8 percent in June mostly due to the 11.0 percent drop from F-Series. This was to be expected with the F-150 switchover...
  9. 2015 Ford Edge to debut June 24th

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Though the picture does not explicitly say that it is the Edge, the profile clearly looks like it.
  10. Nissan teases a mysterious new model, will be unveiled on June 11th

    Asian Competition
    Nissan teases a mysterious new model, will be unveiled on June 11th Nissan has quietly released a mysterious teaser image on Instagram. The company didn't have much to say about the model but they confirmed plans to introduce a "special member of the Nissan family" on June 11th. That's not...
  11. Ford of Europe Posts Sales Volume, Market Share Increases in June

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford of Europe Posts Sales Volume, Market Share Increases in June Despite Overall Industry Sales Decline Ford Media Ford’s total vehicle sales volume in June rose 6.4 per cent in the 19 traditional European markets, while total industry sales fell 6.5 per cent Ford’s market share was 8.2 per...
  12. Ford China Sales Serge 47% in H1 and 44% in June 2013

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford China Sets First Half and June Sales Records, First Half Sales Surge 47%, June Sales Up 44% Ford Media Ford China first half sales reach 407,721 wholesales, up 47%, June sales reach 75,254 wholesales, up 44% CAF first half sales reach 286,680 wholesales, up 66%, June sales reach 54,862...
  13. Ford US June 2013 Sales Increase 13 Percent

    Monthly Sales Results
    Increase Thanks to F-Series, Fiesta, and Edge Ford Inside News June 2, 2013 Ford announced a sales increase of 13 percent in the US for June 2013. Sales were driven up in all large sub-segments including cars, utilities, and trucks. Sales were at their highest since June of 2006. Leading the...
  14. Ford India Sales Up 14% in June

    Monthly Sales Results
    Buoyed by All-new EcoSport, Ford Sales up 14 Percent Ford Media Ford India sold 8,771 vehicles in combined wholesales and exports in June 2013 Domestic wholesales up y-o-y 14 percent; Exports up 59 percent Compact, Contemporary and Capable EcoSport launched at an outstanding value NEW...
  15. Is there a Volt vs Fusion Energi Battle Brewing for June?

    Ford Car Discussion
    Image from For the past 6 months, the inventory for the Volt maintained a about the same as the Prius plug-in at around 1900 units in dealer stock. But over the past week, Volt daily inventory volume has increased to 9,264 as of today. But it gets more interesting. The Ford...
  16. Ford Reports June and First Half Sales; Industry Sales at Nearly Two Decade Low

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford Media Ford sales in its traditional 19 western European markets declined 10 per cent in the first half of 2012 reflecting weaker demand for autos across Europe: Overall industry sales at lowest level since 1994 Ford sales in June decreased by 16.1 per cent as the company opted not to...
  17. June Sales Rise Seven Percent as Escape and Fusion Set Records

    FIN Headline News
    Best Ever Month for Escape July 3, 2012 Typically one of the better volume months of the year, June saw Ford sales rise 7-%. The all-new Escape allowed the nameplate to have its best month ever, June or other. Though the Fusion is about to be replaced as well, the...
  18. Ford Thailand Delivers All-Time Record Sales in June

    Monthly Sales Results
    Ford Media Overall retail sales jumped 71 percent to 5,031 units, driven by best-ever monthly sales for the Ford Fiesta subcompact and Ford Ranger pickup Sales for all-new Ford Ranger soar 280 percent; Customer bookings for the all-new Ranger have now surpassed 25,000 in Thailand Production...
  19. Ford's June 2011 Worldwide Sales Breakdown

    FIN Headline News
    Ford's June 2011 Worldwide Sales Breakdown New Territory Launches; Focus Hits New High August 8, 2011 By: Austin Rutherford North America June sales in the United States were up 14% thanks in part to the Focus, Explorer, and the Lincoln brand. This is the first month...
  20. Volkswagen's June 2011 Worldwide Sales Breakdown

    Monthly Sales Results
    Volkswagen's June 2011 Worldwide Sales Breakdown Lamborghini Aventador Comes Out to Charge August 7, 2011 By: Austin Rutherford Markets included in this month were Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark...