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  1. Kerkorian exec saw it coming

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Kerkorian exec saw it coming The Detroit News By Daniel Howes September 17, 2010 Somewhere, Jerry York is smiling. The two-time CFO and wannabe auto CEO spent a second career as billionaire Kirk Kerkorian's point man in Detroit. He tangled with them all -- Chrysler Corp. in the '90s, General...
  2. Bye bye Kirk: Kerkorian cuts Ford stake; could sell all shares

    Ford Corporate News
    Automotive News Kerkorian cuts Ford stake; could sell all shares OCTOBER 21, 2008 - 9:00 AM ET DETROIT (Reuters) -- Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian sold part of his 6.5 percent stake in Ford Motor Co. and could sell the rest of his stake in the automaker, Kerkorian's investment vehicle...
  3. Ford Jr. urges family unity in aftermath of Kerkorian plan

    Ford Corporate News
    Days after billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian unveiled his plan to become Ford Motor Co.'s largest private shareholder, the heirs of Henry Ford gathered Saturday near Dearborn for their spring meeting. Several generations of Fords were briefed by CEO Alan Mulally on the company's progress...
  4. Kerkorian vision to come true: GM to cooperate with Renault

    General Motors Discussion
    Opel to cooperate with Renault on Combo successor Sun Aug 26, 2007 5:16AM EDT FRANKFURT, Aug 25 (Reuters) - General Motors' Opel brand plans to share the platform of the planned successor model of its small delivery van Combo with that of French rival Renault's Kangoo, Germany's Auto Motor...
  5. Your Opinion: Should Kirk Kerkorian buy Chrysler?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Your Opinion: Should Kirk Kerkorian buy Chrysler? Read before you vote The Chrysler Building and the Pentastar logo, symbols of former Chrysler glory days. Kirk Kerkorian and Tracinda Corporation did try to get their hands on Chrysler for the longest time. In an effort to protect...