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  1. Ford Moves Lincoln Production for 2016

    Lincoln Brand News
    Flat Rock Plant Likely Choice for 2017 Lincoln Continental Nick Bunkley Automotive News June 11, 2015 - 12:02 pm ET DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. won’t build the 2017 Lincoln Continental at the same plant that currently makes the MKS sedan, freeing up some capacity to build more of the...
  2. Ouch! Killing Mercury said to cost Ford $500 million

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Ford, Mercury In life, Mercury was an under-funded brand mainly composed of waterfall grilles stapled to bone-stock Ford models. In death, however, Mercury apparently gets to see some of the money it always dreamed of having when it was alive. According to Automotive News, Ford...
  3. Report2: Ford considering killing Lincoln

    Lincoln Discussion
    MAY 28, 2010 By MATTHEW DOLAN ...Ford officials also are engaged in an intense review of the future of Lincoln, which has struggled as well despite its fairly new line-up. A separate person familiar with the company's thinking said all options are under consideration for Lincoln, which hasn't...