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  1. Is GM Foolish to Knock Prius Owners?

    General Motors Discussion
    Is GM Foolish to Knock Prius Owners? CNBC Behind the Wheel Published: Monday, 13 Dec 2010 | 1:48 PM ET Text Size By: Phil LeBeau The statement was clear. What's unclear is what fallout, if any, will come from GM CEO Dan Akerson calling the Toyota Prius a "geek mobile." The Prius has been an...
  2. DetNews:Chrysler, Ford knock fed's anti-SUV e-mail

    Ford Motor Company Discussion WASHINGTON -- Two U.S. automakers criticized an e-mail sent by a federal agency to 67,000 employees that encouraged them to buy fuel-efficient vehicles and touted several foreign-made models as preferable...
  3. New MPG Knock Japan Inc from High MPG horse

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I a stagarring blow to Japan imports bragging rights, the new Fedral MPG reporting guidelines are set to bring down Japanese imports from their high horses. The Prius is worst hit with stagerring 20% drop in claimed verses actual mileage a consumer can expect. Given the added cost of Imported...