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  1. Is the Large Sedan Dead?

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    It Looks like people are noticing the rapid industrywide decline in large cars. No matter how new or modern the fullsizer is, it's loosing ground quickly. At this rate, the segment's volume will be more than halved by the end of the decade...
  2. Barclays: GM suffering 'least successful large pickup launch over the last 15 years'

    Competition News
    Barclays: GM suffering 'least successful large pickup launch over the last 15 years' General Motors has really taken it on the chin this week with the recall of over 1.3-million cars and a separate potential safety issue found in over 200,000 of its 2014 pickups. Things aren't getting any...
  3. Report: More Powertrain Options Could Be Coming for GM’s Large SUVs Read more: http:

    General Motors Discussion
    In a quote to Automotive News, Luke said the large SUVs could soon be receiving eight and possibly even 10-speed transmissions, as well as other powertrain variations, such as a hybrid version, and possibly even a diesel engine option. Read more...
  4. Large car market withering away... will it survive?

    Automotive Industry News
    More support for Ford's Super Segment To look at automakers' lineups these days, it would appear that America's large car market is enjoying something of a resurgence. After all, Chevrolet has invested in a new Impala, Toyota has its new Avalon, Hyundai fielded an all-new Azera for 2012, and...
  5. Mercury dumping large vehicles, new compacts on the way

    Mercury Discussion
    Mercury dumping large vehicles, new compacts on the way Ford's juggling of its two luxury brands Mercury and Lincoln has seen the Blue Oval attempting to figure out where to place them in the market--and while Lincoln will be going more upmarket, Mercury is expected to get rid of its larger...
  6. Autonews: Ford's Large RWD Plan "Iffy"

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford's large rwd car plan is iffy Amy Wilson Automotive News | July 14, 2008 - 12:01 am EST DETROIT — Ford Motor Co.'s plan to build large rear-wheel-drive cars for the Ford and Lincoln brands is on the bubble. Ford had put the vehicles in its product plan long before gasoline topped $4...
  7. Ford's Large SUVs Among Quality Leaders

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Ford's Large SUVs Among Quality Leaders DEARBORN, June 27, 2007 - The Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator are bucking the overall trend of declining sales in the large SUV segment and racking up numerous quality awards to boot. Through May of 2007, Expedition sales are up 20 percent while...