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  1. Ford Lowers 2014/15 Focus Electric MSRP by $6,000 - Now $29,995

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    Ford lowers 2014/15 Focus Electric MSRP by $6,000 - Now $29,995 Leftlane news reports that a dealer document has revealed that Ford will slash $6,000 from the price of its Focus Electric for the 2015 model year. According to a document provided to Leftlane News, the 2015 Focus Electric will...
  2. Should You Lease a New Car or Buy a Used One?

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    To read this complete story, Should You Lease a New Car or Buy a Used One? please visit
  3. 2015 MKC Lease at $379/mo

    Lincoln Discussion
    2015 MKC Lease at $379 Ford The 2015 MKC Lease goes live today at $379/mo for 36 months, with $2,759 due at signing. Which includes a $1,000 Owner Loyalty Cash for current Ford/Lincoln leases OR $1,000 Competitive Conquest Cash. By comparison, this 2015 MKC lease offer undercuts the...
  4. 2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan S for $136??? / Ford Fiesta vs Focus?

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    Hey everyone, I was just browsing through msn autos and just stumbled upon this little guy right here. According to this article, you can lease a 2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan S for $136 over 24 month period with no down payment? Does anyone have any experiences with leasing a fiesta Sedan? Does...
  5. New 2014 C-MAX Hybrid/Energi Lease Deal

    Ford Corporate News
    New 2014 C-MAX Hybrid/Energi Lease Deal Now is a better time for anyone thinking of leasing a 2014 C-MAX Hybrid. With the mpg drop from 47/47/47 to 45/40/43, the C-MAX Hybrid has taken a sales hit of about 1,000 units monthly since mpg drop. Sales are down -41.5% as of April. Ford has...
  6. Nissan Leaf Battery Lease Scam?

    Competition News
    Something interesting came together recently. Just looking at what Nissan has done with their Battery Warranty, Capacity Warranty, Battery Lease Program and most recent Certified Pre-Owned Leaf Program, it became clear that the consumer who actually buys a Nissan Leaf and tries to keep it past...
  7. UPDATE: Focus EV $229/mo or $4k OFF!

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    UPDATE: Ford is now offering $4,000 Bonus Cash on remaining 2013 Focus Electric models, to match the upcoming 2014 model at $35,995. reports that Ford just launched a new 2013 Focus Electric lease, along with the launch of the 2014 $35,200 Ford Focus Electric, and now the EV...
  8. New Think: Buy the Electric Car, Lease the Battery

    Ford Motor Company Discussion Green Wombat popped into the Cleantech Forum in San Francisco this afternoon, where venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and others are confabbing about the latest trends and opportunities in green technology...