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  1. The Legend Returns?

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  2. Shelby GT350 Mustang: The Legend Returns

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    SHELBY GT350 MUSTANG: THE LEGEND RETURNS - All-new Shelby® GT350 Mustang is a thoroughbred capable of tackling the world’s most challenging roads and racetracks - GT350 is powered by a unique, high-revving flat-plane crankshaft 5.2-liter V8 engine that will produce more than 500 horsepower –...
  3. The Legend Rises on November 19th

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    50 years, 7000 miles, 1 mission. To do the impossible and scale new heights. Watch it live here.
  4. Ford Mustang Boss 302: Back with More for 2013, Paying Homage to a ’70s Legend

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    Ford Mustang Boss 302: Back with More for 2013, Paying Homage to a ’70s Legend Ford Media LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2011 – The Ford Mustang Boss 302 is all about performance, and a nod to heritage comes standard with new paint options and design details for 2013. A new hockey stick graphic...
  5. Ford Capri – The Legend is Back

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    FORD CAPRI – THE LEGEND IS BACK by Nikolai Kalenski 5 July 2011 Automobiles Review After the Scirocco, the Beetle and the Mini, it is time for another legend to comeback on stage. Ford has announced that for the 40th anniversary of the Capri, a new model will be launched on the market both to...
  6. The legend and Legacy of the Cobra R a Fomoconews exclusive retrospective

    Mustang Discussion
    The Legend and Legacy of the Cobra R A GMfan1111/Fomoconews retrospective editorial Cobra R, what does one think when that name crosses there mind? Some will probably think that the R models were a waste of money and had a limited Clientele. To many Mustang enthusiasts they represent...
  7. After 84 years, St Paul Chevy Legend Merges

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    The last major car dealer on University Avenue in St. Paul is moving its new car sales operation. Midway Chevrolet today said it's merging with Merit Chevrolet of Maplewood effective May 1, and will close its new car dealership at 1389 University Ave., moving operations to Merit at Interstate...