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  1. Top 3 loading ramps that will ease your life
    Transportation of heavy equipment always takes a lot of cerebration, labor and nerves. Not to mention that the stuff you need to move is often enormously heavy, and seems impossible to load in the bed of your truck. So, if you are not a famous Olympic weightlifter, you can consider yourself...
  2. 2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe leans into the good life

    Competition News
    2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe leans into the good life When debuting its Concept S-Class Coupe at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz made it no secret that the luxury coupe previewed a future model. As it turns out, Mercedes might as well have unveiled the car then, because the...
  3. FIN Spies: Real Life Photos of 2014 BMW X5

    Competition News
    There are some benefits from living so close to the NA BMW plant and testing facility. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""...
  4. Lincoln: Dead Brand Walking, or Signs of Life?

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln: Dead Brand Walking, or Signs of Life? Written by: Steve Abrams on December 3 2012 5:13 PM Read more: What’s next? So why didn’t Ford terminate Lincoln at the same time as Mercury? When...
  5. Ford Aims to Breathe Life Into Lincoln

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford Aims to Breathe Life Into Lincoln BY JEFF BENNETT JUNE 9, 2011 WSJ Now that Ford Motor Co. has escaped from the grip of recession and projects a doubling of vehicle sales by mid-decade, the second-largest U.S. auto maker is making a revival of its ailing Lincoln luxury brand its top...
  6. 2012 Focus In Real Life

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2012 Focus In Real Life The new Focus, in the raw. April 10, 2011 The all-new 2012 Focus has been making its way to dealership lots in North America over the last couple of weeks. A quick search on some of the classified sites brings up several 2012 Focus models that...
  7. Life much easier for Ford designers in a post-PAG world

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Ford, Design/Style 2010 Ford Start concept - click above for high-res image gallery While Volvo's fate isn't perfectly clear yet, it appears that everyone might have been best served by Ford severing ties with the foreign branches of its Premier Automotive Group: Aston Martin...
  8. GM 'In a battle for their life'

    General Motors Discussion
    Autoblog Analysts: GM 'In a battle for their life' According to the Center of Automotive Research (CAR), General Motors is the trauma patient with doctors gathered around the gurney giving their all to save it -- and just outside the ER doors, nurses are holding back concerned parties and...
  9. Jaguar XF - Real life pictures by SobeSVT

    European Competition
    Jaguar XF - Real life pictures by SobeSVT Some pictures from a Jaguar XF preview event. EXTERIOR: Side profile is a radical departure of anything Jaguar has done before. Still is a conservative design in keeping with Jaguar's core audience. Details were beautifully designed and very well...
  10. Brought my Ford Focus to life...

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    with a nice render: The only things copy/pasted are the wheels and obviously the background, everything else was painted in photoshop, I hope you like!
  11. UK:Mazda launch first 'Second Life' test drive car

    Mazda Discussion
    Car firm Mazda has launched its latest concept model - into the virtual reality world of the on-line computer game 'Second Life'. In a world first, web surfers can now take a cyberspace version of the 'Hakaze' concept 4x4 for a virtual test drive across the online environment. The car's...
  12. Real Life Pictures of the 08 Taurus X

    Ford Car Discussion