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  1. Automotive Industry News
    For more information on this story, Lightweight Steel Still Has Future in Pickups: Supplier please visit
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    FORD BUILDS ON ADVANCED MATERIALS USE IN ALL-NEW F-150 WITH LIGHTWEIGHT CONCEPT CAR Ford Lightweight Concept vehicle represents Ford’s ongoing research for future light-weighting and advanced materials applications, building on the all-new Ford F-150, which sheds up to 700 pounds through use...
  3. Ford Car Discussion
    Ford is headed in the right direction with its new lightweight cars, hope this tech will trickle down to their performance vehicles. From the article: The Lightweight Concept started life as a 2013 Ford Fusion, but lost 25% of its weight through the use of high-strength steel, aluminum...
  4. Automotive Industry News
    GM Pioneers Use of Lightweight Magnesium Sheet Metal - Double-digit fuel economy gains possible with more substitution for steel and aluminum 2012-10-23 DETROIT – General Motors is testing an industry-first thermal-forming process and proprietary corrosion resistance treatment for...
1-4 of 4 Results