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  1. eLectrifying Lincolns / reaching higher™

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    not JUST because: I *was* already thinking about it.... _____phase one_____ ....while obsessing about The RETURN, had to consider my (mere) fixation with -- a mkZENergi & -- updating the MKZ's atkinson engine to 2.3 so assuming the same partial-hp limitation all the current Hybrids & Energis...
  2. My 15 Minutes with Black Label Lincolns

    Lincoln Discussion
    3 Lincoln vehicles presented to Ford employees, (2) MKC & (1) MKZ. All 3 represented a different BL variant, Oasis/Modern Heritage/Indulgence. It was hard to pick a favorite, as they are all stunning, but if pressed, I like the lighter colors in such small vehicles. And I mean small. The MKZ...
  3. New Ford Mondeo to share its platform with future Lincolns

    Competition News
    New Ford Mondeo to share its platform with future Lincolns Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Darren Palmer, Ford's assistant global line director for CD platform cars, says "the suspension and platform were developed to be capable for Lincoln as well, so it needs to be state of the art”. WCF
  4. What technology would you like to see in future Lincolns?

    Lincoln Discussion
    These are slow-news days so maybe we can speculate a bit about Lincoln future
  5. 2 Lincolns Make Car Dealers 10 Worst Used Cars List

    Lincoln Discussion 10. Volkswagen New Beetle (automatic transmission issues and cheap interior components; diesel models with 5-speed manuals are by far the best powertrain option.) 9. Mazda 626 (automatic...
  6. A glimpse at some imaginary future Fords and Lincolns

    Ford Motor Company Discussion A diesley hybrid? A camper van? A four door convertible? Ford introduced a new sub-brand at the Frankfurt auto show this week. It’s called Vignale, named for a revered...
  7. Looking Back: Bob Bondurant promotes Lincolns 1987 MarkVII LSC

    Lincoln Discussion
    Looking Back: Lincolns 1987 MarkVII LSC - Bob Bondurant
  8. A Pair Of Classic Lincolns From 'The Godfather' Head to Auction

    Lincoln Discussion
    By Kurt Ernst Jan 3, 2013 1941 Lincoln Continental Coupe, as seen in 'The Godfather' - image: Bonhams Auctions If you have a thing for early 1940s Lincolns, or if you’re a huge fan of The Godfather (the second-greatest film in American cinema, according to the American Film Institute)...
  9. RWD Lincolns are coming, fate depends partly on MKZ success (Autoblog)

    Lincoln Brand News Good News! :) PS: I think the Autoblog article has a typo "Currently the only all-new product in the brand's stable is the MKS, and it will need to be an immediate sales success for any talk of any...
  10. Ford bringing new Lincolns, jobs and long future to Flat Rock

    Ford Brand News - Global
    By Alisa Priddle October 21, 2012 Freep Production of the next generation of Ford Taurus and Lincoln MKS, the company's flagship sedans, is expected to move to Michigan's Flat Rock plant in a couple of years, providing security and maybe even more jobs than the 1,400 people to be hired for a...
  11. Ford to produce Lincolns in China in 2015?

    Lincoln Brand News
    By Nat Shirley May 21st, 2012 LLN Beginning in 2015, Lincoln vehicles may be built and sold in China for the first time since 2005, if recent industry whisperings prove to be accurate. According to CarNewsChina, rumors circulating in the Chinese media suggest that Lincolns will be produced in...
  12. Lincolns To Get Push-Button Transmissions, Glass Roofs:

    Lincoln Brand News
    From Motor Authority - News A little over two months ago we reported that future Lincolns would be packed with technology and feature an understated luxury look similar to Audi models...
  13. 3 Fords, Lincolns debuting at LA

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Over 30 Vehicle Debuts Already Confirmed for 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show LA Auto Show Media LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Los Angeles Auto Show announced today that it anticipates more than 50 vehicles will debut at the 2011 Press Days, held Nov. 16 and 17. With still four months...
  14. Ford to Show New Lincolns to Employees in July

    FIN Headline News
    Ford to Show New Lincolns to Employees in July Lincoln's momentum continues June 14, 2011 By: Austin Rutherford If you recall, back when Ford was in some of its darkest days in 2006, it took its employees in groups to see nearly all of its upcoming products to boost morale...
  15. Lincolns to be Made in China?

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincolns to be Made in China? Ford maybe planning to follow in GM’s footsteps and put the Lincoln luxury brand into production in the Chinese market to take advantage of a booming luxury segment that has so far been untapped by the blue oval. GM put the Cadillac SLS into production with JV...
  16. Lincolns at SEMA

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Lincoln to Bring Custom MKS, MKT and MKZ to 2009 SEMA Show - CarScoop Monday, October 26, 2009In an attempt to show a sportier and more unconventional side of its Lincoln branded cars, parent company Ford will be displaying a trio of customized versions of its MKS flagship sedan, MKT crossover...
  17. What is Obama Trying to do to Lincolns Legacy?

    Diablo's Den
    Obama is trying to tie himself to lincoln. From his bible to his train ride to food. Why is Obama trying to do this, yet he has not done anything yet in terms of presidential achievement. Should he not try to create his own legacy. I think it is petty to compare presidencies when Obama hasn't...
  18. Autonews: Lincolns Future

    Mercury Discussion
    FUTURE PRODUCT -- FORD MOTOR CO Lincoln lineup emphasizes cars, crossovers Amy Wilson Automotive News | August 27, 2007 - 12:01 am EST Of the product investment money budgeted for the Lincoln Mercury business, Lincoln is clearly getting the lion's share. Lincoln is replenishing its...
  19. Sync standard on Lincolns & $395 otherwise

    Ford Car Discussion That's right, for only $395 you will have the coolest new feature that everyone will talk about - voice activation.