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  1. From the streets to the racetrack, this heavy duty truck is built to save lives

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Fireman Matt Gehman saves lives with the help of his Super Duty®….see how. Click here for more Ford Truck Videos!
  2. 2013 Lexus HS Lives on in Japan?

    Asian Competition
    I was reading through some comments on autoblog and saw a link to a 2013 Lexus HS youtube video This is the description: Looks like its not dead elsewhere.
  3. Saab Lives: Investment Group Buys Swedish Automaker to Build Electric Cars

    Competition News
    Colum Wood Jun 13, 8:17 AM AutoGuide The future of Saab will have less to do with airplanes and more to do with household appliances, with the news today that a Chinese-Japanese investment group has purchased the bankrupt Swedish automaker. The investment group, comprised of Sun Investment of...
  4. HHR lives afterall?

    General Motors Discussion
    This caught my eye on Jalopnik... Notice the HHR in the back? Thats a different face. Interesting since just a month ago, GM said it was dead.
  5. Mercury LIVES on Hawaii Five-0 Remake

    Mercury Discussion
    VIDEO: Mercury Lives On--In Hawaii Five-O Remake By Marty Padgett Editorial Director August 6th, 2010 Hollywood doesn't call them remakes--they euphemize 'em as "reboots" these days. But with this fall's new version of the CBS classic, Hawaii Five-0 is trying to stay as authentic as possible...
  6. Falcon V8 lives on - for now

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Falcon V8 lives on - for now Ford Australia president Marin Burela has dropped the clearest hint yet that the iconic XR8 line of Falcon performance vehicles will continue when the new Coyota V8 engine is introduced mid-year. There had been media speculation that the XR8 sedan and ute would...
  7. SRT Lives!?!

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Dodge's SRT performance division to stay the course - Autoblog by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Mar 6th 2009 at 3:55PM 2009 Dodge Challenger SRT8 - Click above for high-res gallery After learning that General Motors would be disbanding its High Performance Vehicle Operations team to focus on less...
  8. SAAB Turmoil Thread: Almost Died, Now Lives

    European Competition
    SAAB Independent? (and therefore this thread's NOT in a GM category) second Saab-flys-back-to-Sweden-GM-to-relinquish-ownership-to-Swedish-control supporting info?:GM had no advance notice of Saab filing Jamie LaReau - Automotive News Europe February 23, 2009 06:01 CET...
  9. The Australian 4.0L I6 Lives on!

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Just out today the great Australian I6 will live on. No US sourced V6 for the Falcon or Territory. This is great news for Australian Ford fans.
  10. The GT Badge Lives !!!!!

    Ford Car Discussion
    Found this nice lil post on one of the online mag sites today! Sounds like a plan to me! ! ! ! ! ! According to MotorTrend, Ford’s SVT division is planning a Ford Fusion GT for late 2009 targeting the car as an affordable Audi S4. Following the Lincoln MKS, MKR and Ford Flex, the Ford...