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  1. Mustang Discussion
    Ford unveils Mustang 50th anniversary logo, plans merchandise Autoblog March 26, 2013 by Jonathon Ramsey The Ford Mustang turns 50 years old this year, and this is the logo that will announce the milestone occasion on a special line of merchandise. The graphic is the result of an internal...
  2. Ford Corporate News
    via Aleksei on facebook Freeing Ford's Logo From Debtors' Prison - BusinessWeek By Keith Naughton on May 17, 2012 Six years ago, Ford Motor (F) was running out of time and money. To save the company, Henry Ford’s great-grandson had to do something the founder never could have imagined—sign...
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    Luke Vandezande May 01 AutoGuide In an interesting marketing tactic, Ford‘s latest commercial uses an unusual scheme to get attention: it doesn’t mention the brand at all. Viewers are used to commercials like the chest-thumping superbowl commercials that throw branding in your face like a team...
  4. Competition News
    Carlos Ghosn Officially Confirms Rebirth of Datsun Brand in 2014, Reveals New Logo MARCH 20, 2012 Carscoop A couple of weeks back, we told you about the rumors regarding Nissan's plans to revive its Datsun brand for emerging markets. Today, Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn made it...
  5. General Motors Discussion
    The new logo, appearing on the 2011 Cadillac SRX, has been given a more "jewel-like" quality. < old/new > Cadillac’s new logo, shown off quietly in November, is now showing up in television commercials and is on the 2011 SRX. Phil Patton for The New York Times The new Cadillac logo, bottom...
  6. Chrysler Group Discussion
    The new Dodge logo features the Dodge name with a pair of red racing stripes, "suggesting speed and agility," said Chrysler on Thursday. The move is another step in the separation of the once-conjoined Dodge and Ram brands, which began last fall. More... ----------------------- yeah right
  7. General Motors Discussion
    GM Changes its Logo New Ad Campaign lot of news was made today regarding loan repayment and the expediting of the Chevrolet Volt launch, but there was one tid-bit that received no coverage: GM has changed its logo. For decades, the symbol of the General Motors Corporation was this: Around...
1-7 of 9 Results