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    Spy photos show Ford EcoSport is about to lose the rear spare wheel
  2. Lincoln Brand News :thumb: finally spy photos :tongue:
  3. General Motors Discussion
    GM shares lose momentum in post-IPO NYSE return Reuters On Friday 19 November 2010, 6:17 By Clare Baldwin and Soyoung Kim NEW YORK (Reuters) - General Motors Co made a triumphant return to Wall Street less than a year and a half after the government rescued the automaker and forced a massive...
  4. Asian Competition
    Not Saved By Zero: Toyota looking to ramp up rebates - Autoblog by Jeremy Korzeniewski on Jan 15th 2009 at 5:29PM Remember that horrible "Saved by Zero" campaign (no, not that one) that Toyota ran late last year? Besides producing some of the worst commercials the world has ever seen, it was a...