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  1. Next Generation Ford Edge Losing V6s

    FIN Headline News
    Next Generation Ford Edge Losing V6s Production to stay in Oakville July 5, 2011 By: Austin Rutherford The Ford Edge has proved to be a major success ever since its debut for MY07. It is currently the best selling mid-size CUV in the United States. Though the face-lifted...
  2. Automotive News Editorial: "Toyota Is Losing Its Halo

    Asian Competition
    Automotive News Europe - Guido Reinking - October 20, 2008 14:59 CET When senior Volkswagen executives said the Wolfsburg-based automaker intended to overtake Toyota in global sales, profit and quality, more than a few industry watchers thought they had lost touch with reality. I was one of...
  3. Ford Mullaly losing Luxury of time

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Motor Co's Mullaly Losing Luxury of Time Ford Motor Co. stunned the Motor City a year ago when it named an aerospace engineer with no automotive experience as its CEO. That just wasn't done around here. It is now. Alan Mulally, 62, is no slave to Ford's insidious, insular culture...