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  1. Has GM Lost Faith In Its Own Cars?

    General Motors Discussion
    link Has GM Lost Faith in the Quality of It's Own Cars? Slashing the length of warranties suggests that it has. This isn't the sort of thing you want to see. GM has quietly announced in a letter to dealerships that it will be cutting its five-year powertrain warranty from covering 100,000 miles...
  2. Poof! $20B Likely Lost On GM, Says Former Auto Czar

    General Motors Discussion
    Poof! $20B Likely Lost On GM, Says Former Auto Czar Forbes By Joann Muller Sep. 20 2010 If you were missing $20, would you be willing to write it off as “lost money”? What if you lost $20 billion? The thought went through my head as I was perusing Steven Rattner’s new book, “Overhaul: An...
  3. The Lost Art of Tire Shaving

    Ford Corporate News
    Tire what? Yes, tire shaving. We’ll forgive you if you’re not familiar with it, as this art*has understandably become less popular and less necessary in the time since the radial tire overtook the market in the ’60s and ’70s. Before then, tire manufacturing was not very accurate and new tires...
  4. Toyota LOST $7.7 BILLION jan-mar 2009

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Toyota lost $7.7 billion in the January-March period! In the same quarter, GM lost $6 billion Honda lost $2.9 Billion Ford lost just $1.4 Billion. (just 1/5th of Toyota's loss)
  5. Ford MiniMax vs. Ford Carousel: Ford lost, Chrysler won . . . big

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    The Minivan. A Ford Idea A brief history note about the Ford MiniMax and the Ford Carrousel by SobeSVT Ford can hardly take credit for the minivan. Although the concept was conceived and researched by Ford in the early to mid 1970s, it was Chrysler who took the risk of investing in its...