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  1. Competition News
    Volvo’s Lounge Console Adds First-Class Experience to XC90 Excellence [w/Video] The concept takes executive in-car luxury to a new level thanks to what Volvo calls “the ultimate executive accessory” – the Lounge Console which replaces the front passenger seat, offering a series of functions...
  2. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Just got back from the AutoShow and thought I'd jot down some of my impressions and my unedited photo gallery while it's fresh. Ford and Lincoln had their usual displays, but most of the exhibitors had new displays and it all looked really...
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Reveals Contemporary Design for Vignale Lounge; Presents Exclusive Vignale Collection at the Paris Motor Show PARIS, France - Ford Motor Company will reveal at the Paris Motor Show the first design elements for the Vignale Lounge, a welcoming, contemporary environment that will complement...
1-3 of 3 Results