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  1. Mustang Discussion
    Every true car enthusiast wants to get maximum performance while driving. To get the performance car you want, with the right stance and better handling, acceleration and braking, you’ll have to modify your stock car, and there’s no better improvement you can make than installing a lowering...
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Announces First Petrol-powered Family Car in Europe To Break 100 g/km CO2 Barrier Aug-12-2013 4:00 AM ET COLOGNE, Germany – Ford has announced a new version of the Focus 1.0-litre EcoBoost that will be the first petrol-powered family car in Europe to offer 99 g/km CO2...
  3. Automotive Industry News
    By Christiaan Hetzner and Helen Massy-Beresford Jan 16, 2013 Reuters * EU 2012 new car sales reach lowest level since 1995 * Sales fall 8.2 pct in 2012, worst contraction since 1993 * Car sales fall 16.3 in December alone By Christiaan Hetzner and Helen Massy-Beresford FRANKFURT/LONDON, Jan...
  4. Lincoln Brand News
  5. Ford Corporate News
    DETROIT (AP) -- Analysts think we could see further sales declines by the Big Three U.S. automakers as they release their March sales figures throughout the day today. The outlook is for Ford to post the largest drop -- in double digits -- due to its continued effort to reduce low-profit sales...
1-5 of 5 Results