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  1. GM board member may be ready to retire

    General Motors Discussion
    Roughly a year after GM emerged from bankruptcy reorganization as a new company, the man who helped guide the Detroit automaker during the dark period as interim chairman appears close to retirement. More...
  2. Member BRobinsonHVV

    The Lounge
    He seems to have a birthday everyday, for a long time, I sent him well wishes via IM. Today he seems to have suddenly aged, from 28 to 69. Something is fishy.
  3. GMi: Member Jry buys a Hybrid, a Ford Hybrid

    Member's Driveway
  4. GMi Member Spots the First MKS In a Public Parking Lot

    Lincoln Discussion
    GMi Member Spots the First MKS In a Public Parking Lot For Lincoln Fans who have waited a long time to see a production Lincoln MKS, the wait may be coming to an end soon. A GMi Member Bigbuck16 snapped a few shots of the Vehicle. The workmanship looks to be very good with tight gaps and...
  5. GMI Danimal30 Member Captures Accord Coupe

    Asian Competition
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  6. Automotive News: New Board member At Ford

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford names new board member Amy Wilson Automotive News | 5:53 pm, July 11, 2007 DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. elected Caterpillar executive Gerald L. Shaheen to its board of directors today. The appointment is effective immediately. Shaheen, 63, is a group president at heavy equipment maker...
  7. Is any member . . .

    The Lounge
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