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  1. Sold my 89 CC + Route 66 memory & created memes

    The Lounge
    * Been off the boards for over a week for a variety of reasons, partly because of not having time & partly because I had to sell my 1989 Caprice Classic Brougham: It was tough to sign over the title & watch it leave 09/01/2015. Life goes on, I know, & it is just-a-car, but selling really...
  2. Road Trip Memory: Route 66

    The Lounge
    * I road tripped at least once a year, 2002-2011, to meet people & see family-friends. September 2009, I journeyed along Route 66 (starting out at the Lincoln Highway National Headquarters, Franklin Grove IL), meeting a lot of people & seeing a lot of sights. I made the most of the 2-week...
  3. Video: Memory Jog - Revisiting the Mercury Tracer

    Mercury Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: "It's peppy," the salesman said as an enticement to buy... It's not that the Mazda 323/Ford Laser-based first-generation Tracer was a bad car, but the Escort apparently called...