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  1. Mercury Sable SHO Wagon

    Mercury Discussion
    I have seen several SHObles on the Taurus club all were done by fans never one done by a Ford Engineer. This looks awesome and I would love to rock this!
  2. Mercury to Return Later...yes or no?

    Mercury Discussion
    Ok, so I was wondering, if doen the road, Ford were to re-launch the Mercury brand, what should it be? Maybe after Ford and Lincoln get where they want to be, could there be a market for a new Mercury? If so, what type of brand? Obviously re-badged Fords did not work out well, but there are...
  3. Looking Back: 1995 Mercury Mystique Road Test

    Mercury Discussion
  4. 1994 Mercury Premys Concept

    Mercury Discussion
    Yesterday i shared the Contour based Ford concept. Today, is its cousin! The Mystique based Premys. Enjoy!
  5. Looking back: 1987 Mercury Topaz AWD Promo

    Mercury Discussion
  6. Looking back: 1987 Mercury Sable Promo

    Mercury Discussion
  7. Lookig back: 1987 Mercury Lynx (XR3) Promo

    Mercury Discussion
  8. Mission2020: The RETURN of MERCURY!

    Mercury Discussion
    posting in the Mercury Section instead of the Design Center since I don't anticipate doing believable 2020 chops in the near future Mission2020: The RETURN of MERCURY! as a boutique Brand of small(er) Luxury vehicles that imho the Lincoln name cannot effectively offer, fulfilling the Small Mercs...
  9. Looking back: 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis Promo

    Mercury Discussion
  10. a New MERCURY riddle/heresy

    Mercury Discussion
    this is a precursor/foreshadowing for a Mission 2020: Mercury! thread that I've been 1/2 pondering, 1/2 threatening... prompted largely by • the trucks in the LincStang thread • a lot of Lincoln-talk in the "ngM" nextgen Mustang thread & some thought-provoking posts • in the Buick Adam thread...
  11. Determined few keep up Mercury fight

    Lincoln Discussion
    Ford says 99% of dumped dealers have OK'd terms Amy Wilson Automotive News June 18, 2012 - 12:01 am ET Read more: More than two years after Ford Motor Co. announced it was killing the Mercury brand, some dealers are...
  12. new photos of Mercury ...NASA

    The Lounge
    sorry for a bit of bait & switch... MESSENGER, Mission to Mercury - MESSENGER Provides New Data about Mercury After nearly three months in orbit about Mercury, MESSENGER's payload is providing a wealth of new information about the planet closest to the Sun... much MORE... also @...
  13. Mercury 2012: What Could Have Been

    Mercury Discussion
    What Could Have Been What 2012 could have been like for Mercury. April 21, 2011 By: Ross Musick As the breakup scene of any John Hughes flick will tell you, don't waste your time thinking about the girl after you've lost her. That ship has sailed. Much like we grow...
  14. Mercury rolls into history with build of final Grand Marquis

    Ford Corporate News
    Mercury rolls into history with build of final Grand Marquis By LAUREN ABDEL-RAZZAQ AND DAVID PHILLIPS 1/04/2011 Autoweek The last Mercury--a Grand Marquis--rolled off the production line Tuesday at Ford Motor Co.'s assembly plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, marking the official end of another...
  15. Lincoln gets all Mercury's ad dough

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln gets all Mercury's ad dough Jamie LaReau January 3, 2011 Automotive News Ford Motor Co. will funnel all of the discontinued Mercury brand's advertising budget into Lincoln, says the head of the Lincoln National Dealer Council. That will fund a Lincoln marketing blitz. "You'll see a...
  16. Years of Mercury Ads - DetNews

    Mercury Discussion
    for auld lang syne... Mercury ads through the years -DetNews 89 pictures; shown: #10, #49, #66, #79 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - and for those who don't already know: Dedicated to the promotion and preservation of all Mercury vehicles... ( one of my...
  17. for a Merry Mercury Crimmas - eBay

    Mercury Discussion
    thanks to ClassyEldo @ C&G the purrfect gift for a Mercury lover: 1973 Mercury Cougar Convertible - "cougar73216" @ eBay ^ Lots of pix! borrowing from ClassyEldo's description: It is extraordinary for its rare color combination (very classy) and its clean undercarriage and under the...
  18. My Favorite Mercury

    Mercury Discussion
    I remember the day my Father brought home this car, I thought this was the just about the fanciest most expensive car I'd ever seen. I was only 15 at the time so too young to have my license but living in the countryside we where allowed to drive as long as we stayed off the main highways. Such...
  19. Updated- The End Begins: Mercury Mountaineer Production Stops

    Ford Corporate News
    Detroit 3 headlines: Mercury Mountaineer production ends Oct. 3, 2010 Production of the Mercury Mountaineer ended Friday at Ford's Louisville Assembly Plant, the company said, marking the official beginning of the end of Mercury. Ford announced plans in June to discontinue the...