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  1. Tomorrow cars today, Metro City, road trip

    The Lounge
    * In some ways we may have the cars of tomorrow today, but not like this: remember these!? How about this mini Metro City? Have more pics of this cued for future feature, including 1 today (Wednesday)...
  2. Lincoln to ax 200 metro stores Survivors must upgrade to match premium rivals

    Lincoln Brand News
    Ford Americas boss Mark Fields: Lincoln will get seven new or “significantly refreshed” vehicles in the next four years. In an attempt to inject more luxury into its last remaining premium brand, Ford Motor Co. wants to cut at least 200 Lincoln franchises, or 40 percent of its dealers in major...
  3. metro detroit "Ford Taurus premiere" event thursday october 22nd

    Ford Car Discussion
    The 2010 taurus has been out on the market for awhile now but the ford dealers here in my neck of the woods are holding a "ford taurus premiere day" thursday October 22nd. I'll be going to that event and I'll try and get a test drive and share my thoughts here on fomoconews. For those who are...