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  1. Ford early mid 60's Wire Spinner Hubcap Question

    Mustang Discussion
    I have 4 ford hubcaps from the 60's that I think were for a Mustang, possibly Galaxie or Falcon. 2 of them are made a little differently than the other 2, and they are about an inch taller (when laying on ground. I assumed these were maybe front and rear, since they same guy sold all 4 to me...
  2. mid size review

    Ford Truck Discussion has a review of the three mid-size utes (pickups to us 'Mericans) down in Aussie. The new world Ranger sure sounds awesome! Do want!!
  3. Jiangling to launch Tiger Mid Size Pick Up Truck Soon

    Global JMC & Troller News
    JULY 17, 2012 China Car Times Jiangling are partnered up with Ford to produce Ford’s commercial vehicle range in China, this largely consists of the Transit in various formations, LWB, SWB, 7 seat, 9 seat, 12 seat and beyond, lets not forget Twin Axle, High Top, Low Top etc, they also produce...
  4. 2010 Fusion has best mid size lineup.

    Ford Car Discussion
    New Fusions blend perfect mix of ideas Variety, craftsmanship give 2010 Ford Fusion best, most complete midsize lineup It doesn't matter which 2010 Ford Fusion you pick, it's going to be good. It could be the new Fusion Sport powered by Ford's 3.5-liter V-6. Or the overhauled base model...