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  1. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Unveils S MAX Vignale Concept in Milan Ford Shows Vision for ‘Vignale Lounge’ Retail Experience at Salone del Mobile ​MILAN, Italy – Ford unveiled the new Ford S MAX Vignale Concept today in Milan as it continues to expand its vision for a unique upscale product and ownership experience...
  2. Mercury Discussion
    2011 Milan Online Brochure (1,896 kb)
  3. Mercury Discussion
    2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid Review - by Jessica Gottlieb on May 12, 2010 I want to marry this car. The end. Okay, well maybe you’re expecting a more thoughtful review. What a demanding group you are. The Mercury Milan is the Ford Fusion’s hot cousin. I was one of the lucky...
  4. Mercury Discussion
    Hey guys, does anyone have the full e-brochure and or ordering guide for the 07 Milan? My mom is considering getting one soon and it would be nice to have...all I have or the 06, 09, and 2010 brochures and ordering guide. If you have the print, would a stand-up-guy or gal scan it and post it...
  5. Mercury Discussion
    intrepid BON member, BORG took & hosted a bunch of Milan pix and gave me permission to repost click thumbs for page with fullsize: 12. 46. 4. 30. 54. 28.many more...
  6. Mercury Discussion
    Courtesy of On June 25, Ford launched its "Recycle Your Ride" website. The site is an easy guide to determine if your vehicle is eligible for Cash-for-Clunkers, and which Ford family vehicles are a good fit as a replacement. So far, Ford says it's had over 250,000 potential...
  7. Mercury Discussion
    I thought I would make a little post about my first time behind the wheel of this beautiful piece of Mercury Engineering. I was very surprised at the turn of the key and nothing happened. The car was whisper silent and was beautifully equipped for the price of $33k. The vehicle had the...
  8. Mercury Discussion
    I just noticed you can finally build your 2010 Mercury Milan and Hybrid. I am a little surprised at the price, but not really. Here is what I priced for the Hybrid with nothing special. I really did not add anything. MODELS Hybrid I4 Atkinson FWD CVT Auto $31,235 PACKAGES 300A $0...
  9. Ford Brand News - Global
    sorry - duplicate thread - please goto Mr.SABLE's earlier report of this Review
  10. Mercury Discussion
    Review: 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid LINK:
  11. Mercury Discussion
    "When the 2010 Ford Fusion and 2010 Mercury Milan launch this month, they'll be priced at $19,995 and $21,905, respectively, Ford Motor Co announced today. A hybrid version of both produces mpg ratings of 41 city and 36 mpg highway -- the best in its class. To boot, buyers of either are eligible...
  12. Mercury Discussion
    Limited Time >> ACT Before March 31 forgive me for for putting 'MERCURY First' (and this thread in this section) but 2010 MERCURY MILAN HYBRID QUALIFIES BUYERS FOR HIGHEST AVAILABLE FEDERAL TAX CREDIT = $3,400 DEARBORN, MICH., Jan. 28, 2009 – Customers eager to purchase America’s most...
  13. Ford Brand News - Global
    ’10 Mercury Milan, Ford Fusion set new standard for hybrids By MARK PHELAN • FREE PRESS AUTO CRITIC • January 7, 2009 The 2010 Mercury Milan hybrid is an outstanding and important car. ...The 2010 Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion hybrid midsize sedans are the first of a new generation of hybrids...
  14. Letters To Ford
    Dear Ford. The new 2010 Mercury Milan is an overall fantastic looking car but to me the interior seems to have lost most of it's upscale touches and appeal. The dark colored aluminum trim looks cheap and out of place in the Milan's interior. I have a couple of request/suggestions... 1...
  15. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I'm just curious to see which of the newly redesigned triplets is everyone's favorite. The Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKZ or Ford Fusion.
  16. Mercury Discussion
    Pictures Courtesy of Autoblog. LINK:
  17. Mercury Discussion
    For the 2010 model year, the Mercury Milan adds an all-new hybrid model. The Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids join the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrids, doubling both the size and volume of Ford’s hybrid lineup. “Offering consumers more fuel-efficient vehicle choices, including improving...
  18. Mercury Discussion
    Introducing the 2010 Mercury Milan DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 19, 2008 – The Mercury Milan builds on a strong foundation of quality and reliability, adding to the mix for the 2010 model year an all-new hybrid model, more fuel-efficient gasoline powertrain options, class-exclusive technologies...
  19. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I was just wondering if anyone knows when the Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion picture embargo ends? Thanks :D
  20. Mercury Discussion
    Link. Here is the beautiful 2010 Mercury Milan.
1-20 of 29 Results