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  1. Rented a Fiesta, the mileage was ....

    Ford Car Discussion
    So, I needed to make a run from Austin to San Antonio and back in a day (roughly 200 miles). My wife's aging truck is not really up for serious highway duty anymore, so I rented a car. They had a lovely 2014 Fiesta SE 1.6l Auto. I asked for that one. On an overall note, Sync was a bit...
  2. The 1983 Ford F-150 Had Great Gas Mileage?

    Ford Truck Discussion
    I was looking at old Ford commercial and saw this one . I never owned a truck in the 80's but it stated it got 33 on the highway? Was this true?
  3. Ford Study: Gas Mileage Number One Criteria For New Car Buyers

    Ford Motor Company Discussion Once upon a time, car-buyers looked for new cars based on the size of the trunk, the appointment of the interior and how comfortable the seats were. Gas mileage, while an influencing...