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  1. Report: Ford to halt Missouri Escape production in 2011

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Plants/Manufacturing, Crossover, Ford 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid - Click above for high-res image gallery Ford will be ending production of the current generation Escape crossover by the end of 2011 and move production of its replacement from Kansas City, Missouri to Lousiville...
  2. Union: Ford to stop making Escape in Missouri

    Ford Employee Discussion
    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Ford Motor Co. plans to stop making the Escape in Missouri by the end of next year and shift production of its next-generation sport utility vehicle to Kentucky, a union president said Tuesday. More...
  3. Missouri weighs breaks to save Ford plant

    Ford Corporate News
    JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is shopping for a Ford. The governor ordered lawmakers back for a special session starting Thursday to consider millions in tax incentives and pension plan changes to entice the automaker to keep its Kansas City-area plant producing. More...