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  1. Ford Moves Lincoln Production for 2016

    Lincoln Brand News
    Flat Rock Plant Likely Choice for 2017 Lincoln Continental Nick Bunkley Automotive News June 11, 2015 - 12:02 pm ET DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. won’t build the 2017 Lincoln Continental at the same plant that currently makes the MKS sedan, freeing up some capacity to build more of the...
  2. UPDATE: Exclusive: 2016 Lincoln MKS Confirmed for New York Auto Show Debut

    Lincoln Brand News
    UPDATE: Exclusive: 2016 Lincoln MKS Confirmed for New York Auto Show Debut UPDATE: a story by Paul Lienert and Bernie Woodall for Reuters from October 2014 suggests that "a replacement for the MKS large sedan" is coming in "spring 2016." NYIAS is this coming April, not 2016. From my point of...
  3. 2016 Lincoln MKS Confirmed for NYIAS

    Lincoln Brand News
    EXCLUSIVE: 2016 Lincoln MKS Confirmed for New York Auto Show Debut BY MIRCEA PANAIT 23RD JANUARY 2015 Before Kumar Galhotra was appointed the new prez of the Lincoln brand, Ford CEO Mark Fields and his trusted marketing head Jim Farley lobbied in front of the board of directors to pump money...
  4. 2015 Lincoln MKS Stealth Refresh

    Lincoln Discussion
    I noticed an unusual looking MKS today. It was Bronze Fire, which meant it had to be a 2015 model. The design on the deck lid has changed, and instead of the Lincoln star appearing as it did on older models, it now has LINCOLN spelled across it like the MKZ, MKC, and Navigator. There is also...
  5. 2016 Ford Taurus spy pics in Australia or it is the 2016 MKS?

    Ford Brand News - Global
    SPY PICS: Ford Taurus/Lincoln MKS? testing in Geelong Ford Australia is reported to be carrying out local testing of products for international markets, including next-generation Lincolns. And these exclusive spy shots provide supporting evidence. According to reader, 'Roo'...
  6. Lincoln MKS, BMW 5 struggle in small-overlap crash test

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln MKS, BMW 5 struggle in small-overlap crash test Automotive News Driver space in the Lincoln MKS was “severely limited” after the crash, the IIHS said. WASHINGTON -- Luxury sedans from BMW and Lincoln were the worst performers in the most recent batch of vehicles subjected to the...
  7. New Lincoln MKS Shown Here

    Lincoln Discussion
    well, not exactly, but if you want a good idea what the next MKS looks like, this is the closest thing I can find to it. Someone chop a Lincoln grill on this, and voila!!!
  8. Possible MKS News from GMI Insiders

    Lincoln Discussion In summary, there are non-Falcon large sedans running around in China. If they're not Falcons, what could they be? Possibly the MKS. Here's a link describing the situation...
  9. nextgen MKS? - Burlappcars (+ Rumor Update)

    Lincoln Discussion
    Vince @ facebook This was sent to me and one of the 1st picture of the next Lincoln MKS, due out for the 2015 Model year. There has been pictures of a Fusion based mule before, but this is supposed to be the actual car. Of course, it is still very early, and they covers it so...
  10. What about an MKS hybrid?

    Lincoln Discussion
    With news of Tesla S commanding 12% of the California luxury market, I started to think of the opportunity to offer a lot of electrification in that segment. Would a PHEV MKS make sense? Best of all worlds, and no compromises. Just a thought. It should be performance biased of course. It...
  11. 2016 MKS...whaTever?

    Lincoln Discussion I dunno about the rendering, but one thing I DO wonder about: they insinuate that the MKS will be on yet another evolution of the ol' Volvo bones. They had said previously that it'd be on stretched Fusion/MKZ chassis. WTF, over?
  12. Lincoln mks 2013 great photo

    Lincoln Discussion this first picture is the best photo of the mks I´ve ever seen :angel
  13. 2015 MKS Target 5-Series or E-Class?[UPDATE]

    Lincoln Discussion
    The new 2015 Lincoln MKS has a lot riding on it. It has to be a class above the hot selling 2013 MKZ that it does not compete, but compete head to head with it's primary high volume, global competition, the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes Benz E- Class. Both selling over 5k units monthly in NA...
  14. is this proof the new lincoln mks is going to be mustang-based?

    Lincoln Discussion 5th Gear: Flat Rock To Produce Fusion And… RWD MKS? What's interesting in this article is the mention of a few more vehicles. Ford will make probably make the next generation Ford Mustang there and will...
  15. Lincoln's 'Fate': Livery MKS - CarScoops

    Lincoln Discussion
    Lincoln Accepts its Fate and Launches Livery Edition of MKS - CarScoops Thursday, March 07, 2013 ...Ford's premium division already caters to the needs of limousine and chauffer operators with the newer MKT Town Car edition, and it is now adding a second car to its livery vehicle fleet program...
  16. mks commercial

    Lincoln Discussion
  17. XTS vs MKS vs the LuxWorld - CR via AutoNews

    Automotive Industry News
    just cuz I never saw a .pdf comparo article before... Cadillac XTS vs Lincoln MKS - via AutomotiveNews Two big, opulent American sedans fall short of expectations
  18. 2013 Ford Taurus, Explorer, and Lincoln MkS Earn 5 Star Crash Ratings

    Ford Corporate News
    2013 Ford Taurus and Explorer, Lincoln MKS Earn NHTSA’s Highest NCAP Overall Vehicle Score Ford Media 2013 Ford Taurus, Ford Explorer and Lincoln MKS have earned U.S. government’s top five-star Overall Vehicle Score rating for performance in frontal and side-impact crash tests and resistance...
  19. 2013 MKS (EB+CCD) First Drives/Reviews

    Lincoln Discussion
    First Drive: 2013 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost - AutomobileMag March 30, 2012 / By Eric Tingwall photocredit: Lincoln @ youtube ...the 2013 model sets itself apart with the comfort-increasing, performance-improving technology we've come to expect from luxury cars. It's called Lincoln Drive Control and...
  20. Build your 2013 Taurus, Flex, MkS, and MkT

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Taurus Flex MkS MkT